Neopets Wheel of Mediocrity Guide

There are a lot of wheels out there and so many fabulous prizes to be won from those wheels. That being said, there has to be a “worst” wheel and the one in Tyrannia certainly takes the cake — the name says it all: the Wheel of Mediocrity. At least it’s cheap, right?


The wheel was introduced in July 2010 alongside the site event Save the Wheels. It used to look like this…

The prizes were the same as they are now, apart from two that have been deactivated. In the old Battledome, abilities had levels of their own. Landing on the Aisha skull or the Earth Faerie when spinning the Wheel of Knowledge would raise and lower one of the old-style abilities by one, respectively. Apart from that, the Wheel you see today is the same old Wheel it has always been, but much nicer! Read below to see what you could win!


If your faction wins the Battleground of the Obelisk, you have the opportunity to use the Right Round Right Round boon. Activating this would allow you to spin all of the wheels twice before needing to wait to spin again. You do have to pay a second time. To get your second spin, you need to refresh the page after your first spin.


The wheel costs 100np and you can spin it every 40 minutes. While the prizes are the most exciting aspect of the wheels of Neopia. That being said, don’t get your hopes up too high for these (you get what you pay for!). The prizes are all random, so despite the lowly rewards, keep at it until you get the avatar!

  1. You win 1,000np.
  2. A Grarrl roars but nothing happens.
  3. You win 4,000np and an avatar.
    NOTE: You will not get a notification that you have won an avatar like you would with the other wheels, but it will display in your Neoboard preferences like any other avatar.
  4. Nothing happens.
  5. You win 200np.
  6. You lose a random item from your inventory.
    NOTE: This is currently glitched and you will not lose an item.
  7. Nothing happens.
  8. You win 2,000np.
  9. Your active loses half of its hit points.
  10. You win a random piece of Tyrannian furniture.
  11. You win 100np.
  12. You win a random Tyrannian petpet.
    NOTE: You cannot win a Krawk petpet from the Wheel of Mediocrity.
  13. You win a random Tyrannian food.
  14. You win 500np.
  15. Nothing happens.
  16. All of your pets lose half of their hit points.
    NOTE: Scorchios and Fire pets will not lose their hit points.

▻ Avatar

Spin the Wheel of Mediocrity and win 4,000np.


  • Since you can win items and neopoints from this wheel, you cannot spin the Wheel of Excitement on side accounts. To learn more about what you can and cannot do on side accounts, check out our Side Accounts Guide.
  • You can mute the wheel by clicking the speaker in the bottom right-hand corner of the game screen.

Author: Sarah

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