Neopets Attic Autobuyer

Lets start off by saying that the Almost Abandoned Attic Autobuyer, or ‘AAA’, acts much like the Igloo Garage Sale in Terror Mountain It restocks random items of all rarities from time to time, except the AAA actually has specific times it restocks! Yup, that means you can predict when it restocks and prepare to refresh.  This autobuyer will get you rare r99 items, and more! Will you restock a Leaded Elemental Vial, or Bony Grarrl Club, or Thyoras Tear?

The Almost Abandoned Attic is located in the Haunted Woods by “following a creepy path” through the Gypsy Camp The path will take you to a hidden town called Neovia In Neovia, there is a lone house that has no tabs or labels on it whatsoever, making it look like its just part of the background… but there is, in fact, a hidden link located right at its’ front door!

As my understanding of the AAA, it starts to ‘restock’ around the 53rd second every 7 minutes or so until around the 20th second of the next minute ..hope that wasn’t too confusing for you people…. For example: The next restock time is 1:13:53 NST, you would stake out at AAA ahead of time and start refreshing like mad either before or on time, until it hits 1:14:20 NST, which then you can safely assume there won’t be a restock until the next 7 minutes.

Greasemonkey is needed for this script to work!


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