Neopets Secret Ninja Training School Guide

If you (and your neo-wallet) work very hard at training your pet, there will come a time when it graduates from both the Swashbuckling Academy and the Mystery Island Training School. Once this is the case, you’ll need to take up training at the Secret Ninja Academy, also found on Mystery Island. This is only for elite BD pets, so you won’t be able to access it otherwise!


It’s not called “secret” for nothing! The Secret Ninja Training School is located on Mystery Island, up the stairs of the volcano next to the regular Training School. You can find it based on the picture below (or just click the direct link above):

If you don’t have a pet that is eligible to train here — i.e. a pet that is at least level 250 — then  you will get the following message:

Don’t have your feelings hurt! Just train harder.


Training here is exactly like Mystery Island Training School. You simply enroll your pet in a specific course and then pay the codestone(s) required to complete that course. Unlike the MITS, you can cancel the course you selected in order to choose a new course; the only catch is that you have to wait a full 24 hours before you’ll be able to select a new course at all.

Course Type Your Pet’s Level Cost (in Red Codestones) Length of Course
Intermediate 250 1 codestone 4 hours
Adept 300 2 codestones 6 hours
Advanced 400 3 codestones 8 hours
Expert 500 4 codestones 10 hours
Master 600 5 codestones 12 hours
Grand Master 750+ 6 codestones 12 hours

You can train all of your stats here: Strength, Defense, Health (Endurance), Movement (Agility), and Level. Just as with the Swashbuckling Academy and MITS, you cannot train your pet’s stats above twice its level, so always keep your pet’s level in mind!

Cutting down on training time

If 12 hours is simply too much for you to wait, you can head over to Noda’s Fortune Cookies (NC Mall) and purchase a Training Fortune Cookie. They currently cost 125 NC and reduce your training time between 30% and 75% for five days.


While the Swashbuckling Academy takes dubloons and the Mystery Island Training School takes tan codestones, you must pay for your courses at the Secret Ninja Training School with red codestones. These are generally more expensive than tan codestones, though you are able to use less codestones for a much longer amount of time (see the table above).

Cui Codestone

Kew Codestone

Mag Codestone

Sho Codestone

Vux Codestone

Zed Codestone


There are a couple of ways to get red codestones:

  • Make your own! You can throw one of every tan codestone into the Mystery Island volcano and you will receive one random red codestone in return.
  • Purchase from regular Shop Wizard or Super Shop Wizard (SSW). Prices fluctuate occasionally but they are otherwise what you’ll generally see them at on SSW. Because so many players now have SSW, particularly “elite” restockers and resellers, SSW tends to dictate the prices of items more correctly than regular Shop Wiz.
  • Win them in the Battledome. Red codestones can be given out as a prize in the BD. This happens mostly commonly with Jetsam Ace in the Premium-only Cosmic Dome. For non-Premium members, they are given out as a general prize in any dome, but it is quite a rare occurrence. (They say that Koi Warrior has the highest chance of giving them out, though!)
  • Try your luck at the Money Tree. Hey, you never know!


You may notice there’s a small shop in the Secret Ninja Training School. Here, you can buy some relatively cheap goods, listed here.


  • You are free to train any eligible pets on your side accounts. Make sure that the codestones or NP to buy codestones for these side account pets are from your main account!
  • Just like with the Swashbuckling Academy and Mystery Island Training School, you can receive super bonuses at the Ninja School. Here, though, you will always receive at least two extra bonus points instead of one!

Author: Sarah

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