Neopets Cave Glider

In Neopets Cave Glider you are controlling a adventurer named Roxton.
Neopets Cave Glider allows you to plunge deep into Neopia’s core and discover what is at the bottom.         

Put on your best boots, chuck on that adventurers hat because you are in store for a massive challenge in these three levels of doom.

Why Play This Game If Its Hard?
Great Question! But if you are trying to achieve the Atlas of the Ancients Plot you need to score a minimum of 2500 points through this game to win the Deployed Parachute (it is a wearable.) You can also win an impressive looking trophy if you can get into the top ranks. To get this though you need to finish all three levels which can be quite hard.

How to Play

You are going to be using your keyboard’s arrow keys for this game. You are guiding Roxton through the caves trying to dodge the walls and enemies while gliding to the bottom collecting items. Everytime you hit an obstacle or one of the walls your health meter will drop causing it to be game over if you run out of time or health.The more time you have left at the end of the level will equal more points for you at the end.  Monitor your health which is on the top right of your screen and time is on the top left.

The keys are very straight forward. Right is right, left is left, down makes you move down faster and up can give you a slight reduce in speed.

What to Collect in Cave Glider

Health Always collect your health. Never let it drop past half way.
If you are after the high score then it suggested that you pick up clocks for additional time Clock
These will help you with time bonuses at the end. As your time is 10x.

Bonus These green gems will earn you more points through out the game.
But if there is a chance of getting killed to get one, it is not worth it.


In each level you will face different coloured gems and different amounts per gem.

In level one you are facing red ones.- Get as many as you can but keep your health up!

Ruby Crystal= 25 points Cut Ruby= 50 points
In level two you will be facing green ones. Just try to make it down to the bottom with as much health as you can.
Emerald Crystal= 50 points  Cut Emerald= 75 points
In level three you will face diamonds. Be patient in this one and do not rush. Watch the obstacles as you glide down.
Diamond Crystal= 50 points  Cut Diamond= 100 points

You will have to figure out whether sometimes, especially in level three, whether it is worth getting damage to for these gems.

You do not gain additional health per level so if you are low on health level one then when you go into level two you will still have that much health. Make sure by the time your at the bottom on level one that you pick up as much health as you can on your way to level two. (Same with level two to three)
These guys will hurt you if you hit them. Each level contains different enemies at different speeds. So do not rush through them and watch how they move as well.
In level one you will face these three enemies.
Spyder– will move slowly so you may need to press down to avoid in parts
Skree – fly quickly across the screen.
Bartamus – is hard to predict movement at times as he pauses and then will start moving.
In level two you will face the following:
Yellow Spyder – more dangerous as there is less room in this level
Baby Fireball– occasionally will sprint across and other times will move slowly
Darigan Hippalop– they appear large in a small level but they will move slowly.
In Level three the enemies you will face are:
White Spyder– very unpredictable with speed and movement so watch out
Blue Airax– they will fly quickly across. Should be easy to dodge if you see which way they are facing
Bloopy– Highly unlikely to avoid them. They are massive and in tight spots. Keep your health up!
 Neopets Cave Glider Cheats
1) Have your health bar as full as possible to the start of the next level
2)Concentrate by turning off the music and sound
3)Aim for 600 points in level one, 1800 for level two and 2500+ for level three.
4) Reload the first level if you are having trouble to practice and to gain more gems or health if you are low.
5)Stay at the centre of the screen if possible




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