Neopets Fruit Machine

The Fruit Machine is a daily that operates like a slot machine. Once a day, you can pull the lever for free to attempt to win a prize. Two fruits in row wins a meager prize while three in a row will win bigger prizes.

Fruit Machine Cheats

The reels of the Fruit Machine are completely random. Even if you’re lucky enough to land three fruits in a row on the machine reels, that doesn’t guarantee winning a big prize like a paintbrush. The fruits are ranked in value with Bagguss as the lowest and Puntec Fruit as the highest. Your prize will vary based on the type of fruit your reels display. Below is a cheat sheet of what you’ll win, depending on fruits.

Consolation Prizes
: Two of (insert fruit) in a row.
  • Bagguss = You win 100 neopoints and a Bagguss!
  • Tchea Fruit = You win 250 neopoints and a Tchea Fruit!
  • Ummagine = You win 500 neopoints and an Ummagine!
  • Cheops Plant = You win 750 neopoints and a Cheops Plant!
  • Ptolymelon = You win 1,000 neopoints and a Ptolymelon!
  • Puntec Fruit = You win 2,500 neopoints and a Puntec Fruit!

Big Prizes: Three of (insert fruit)!

  • Bagguss = You win 1,000 neopoints!
  • Tchea Fruit =You win 2,500 neopoints!
  • Ummagine = You win 5,000 neopoints and a petpet! (Any random petpet is possible.)
  • Cheops Plant = You win 15,000 neopoints and a Battle Muffin! (Any random battle muffin is possible.)
  • Ptolymelon = You win 20,000 neopoints, a battle muffin, and a paintbrush! (Any random battle muffin and paintbrush are possible.)
  • Puntec Fruit = You win 25,000 or more neopoints, a paint brush, 3 fading bottled faeries, and a strength and level increase for your pet! (Any random paintbrush and bottled faerie are possible.)


The trophy table for the Fruit Machine is currently not active. However, when it does work, the highscore table is based on the amount of neopoints won from the reels.

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