Neopets Taelias Quests

Neopets Taelias Quests is available for people who looking to go through the cold environment and take a quest to fulfill. However, Neopets Taelias Quests does not allow you to have 60 items in your inventory at the moment it starts.

Quest Information

If you’re looking to start a quest, simple visit Taelia and ask her for a quest. She will be positive about it and she will give you one. You can complete a maximum of 10 quests per day, that are a combination of Taleia, Kitchen and Edna quests. Every time you start up a quest with her, she will ask you, most of the time, for three different food items. Sometimes they’re expensive though, so it will not be worth to complete it because her reward will not be worth the investment you’ve put to get her items.

To purchase the items, you can go to a Neopian word or you can use the Shop Wizard. Good news are that she will give you enough time to complete her quest, meaning from 1 hour to two hours. You can always use this time for your own purpose, as to restock the items if they are a little expensive or to find the right trader, and take some time to haggle with him.


After you give Taelia the items she’s asking for, you will be given a special prize. Unfortunately, Draik Eggs that were available as a prize in the past are no longer obtainable. Most of the time you will get a magical snowball and Neopoints that are a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 2,000. You can get an Ice Cream Machine Coupon that can be later used. The snow items that you will be rewarded with are: Taelia Negg, Taelia Usuki, Taelia’s Tips and Taelia Statue.

You may be wondering about why you should spend possibly a high amount of NP to get a prize that is not of a “great value”. Well, completing her quest will not only make Taelia as an opponent in the Battledome, but you will also be able to obtain an Avatar after completing one of her quests.

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