Neopets Tips on Making Millions of Neopoints!

1) Daily Giveaways:

Around neopia there are certain places you can go to get your free daily’s! These will help you in feeding your pets, making a few extra neopoints, and learning more about different items. Here are the links to some of the helpful places you can go to get your free daily’s.

Free Omelette
Fruit Machine
Coltzan’s Shrine
Healing Springs
Wheel of Excitment
If you want your free jelly, just type in and add the word “jelly” after the “/”.
2) Quests:
There are many quests that you can do to earn neopoints and items. Most are found in neopia so you can offer to do a quest for someone. Lets go through each individual at a time.
Taelia- Terror Mountain
Taelia is one of my favorite faerie’s to do quests for. Sometimes she asks for expensive items and is a bit unfair. I only do quests that cost 3,000nps or less. If they are above that, then chances are, your prize won’t be so good. For instance, once I did a quest for her and I spent 20,000nps. I got apple juice in return. Not very fair, huh? But, another time I did a quest that cost around 600nps. In return I got a negg. 😀 You just have to be on her good side. 😉
Edna-Haunted Woods
Edna is a funny little witch..I never know how to please her. I ALWAYS get gross food from her, and my sister usually gets some rare items. If you do a quest for Edna, make sure your not spending more than 1,000nps on her. A good reason to do her quests is if your an avatar collector. 😉
Brain Tree-Haunted Woods
I’ve never done a brain tree quest, probably because I was told his quests aren’t worth it, and they are usually too hard. Well first, you need to know HOW to do a brain tree quest. To find the right answers to his questions you will have to do TWO esophagor quests. The esophagor (located in haunted woods as well) will give you the answers if you feed him. If the food costs too much money, don’t bother.
Island Kitchen Quests-Mystery Island
I like helping Mumbo Pango get food. Only do his quest if they are under 4k. He can give you items or raise your pets strength, attack etc.
Regular Faerie Quests-Random
Sometimes the faeries decide to give you quests. If you do get quests from faeries, make sure you do them because there is a good chance you will get a fountain faerie quest :D. There is no time limit with these quests so if you don’t have enough neopoints, you can always save up.
I know I know, when you ask someone how to make neopoints the first thing they say is “Play Games”. This is actually a good idea. Not only can you make neopoints, but it’s entertaining. A good way to make more neopoints in a game is doing the featured game. Your neopoints are doubled, so no matter how bad you are at the game, your neopoints will still be doubled! Some of my favorite games are, Volcano Run, Petpet Rescue, Chia Igloo Garage Sale, Dubloon Disaster, Mootix Drop, and Trouble at the National Neopian There are many more games to choose from, but those are the ones I find entertaining and good for making neopoints.
You’ve probably heard about restocking before, but what is it really? Well I will explain it in steps. It’s a bit confusing, but very simple once you get the hang of it.
What is restocking?:
Restocking is when you buy the rare items from the main shops and sell them for wizard price in your shop. The main shops sell them for less, and neopians tend to sell certain items for more. You just have to know which items to buy.
What items should I buy?:
It always depends on where your restocking at. Some good places are The Bakery, Chocolate Factory, Toy Shop, and Magic Shop. Lets say your restocking at the bakery. Pretend there is a Pink Doughnut, a Cherry Pie, and a Milk Chocolate JubJub Cake. If that was me restocking, I would go for the JubJub cake. The rare items stand out more and they look much better than the standard items sold.

  • Bakery: You want any cakes or cookies you can get your hands on.
  • Chocolate Factory: Any orange or mint chocolates. Sometimes they have other things that will catch your eye.
  • Magic Shop: Morphing potions. NO FAERIES!
  • Toy Shop: Painted pet plushies, or Baby Plushies.
  • Snow Food Shop: Magical Chia Pops.
  • Space Weapons: Neocola Tokens.

I can’t get any items! Am I too slow?:

There are millions of other people trying to restock at the same time as you are. Your going to have to be fast. Yes, it is hard at first but there are tips to help you get the item in under 3 seconds. (Sometimes 3 seconds is too long) First, you want to keep refreshing until you see something that catches your eye. Lets say your going for a Chocolate Kougra Cake. These cost around 7000nps, but in the bakery you see it for 876 nps. Now, you click on the item and the shop keeper asks you to haggle. You have to get to know where the numbers on your keyboard are. If he is asking for 876 nps, you want to type in a repetative number to save time. I would probably haggle for 888nps. (Yes, it is over the price asking for, but it’s still worth it) Your offer is accepted, and they ask you to click on the neopet you see in the picture. Try clicking right on the picture.. REMEMBER: The repeatative number ALWAYS helps

Your restocking tips really helped! I got the what?:

Great! Glad I could help. Well now that you’ve gotten your item, your going to have to sell it! Now, say you got that Chocolate Kougra Cake. If you look on the shop wiz, a Chocolate Kougra Cake costs about 7,800 nps. You want it to sell fast, so your probably going to price it for a bit less than 7,800nps. I’d sell it at 7,400nps. If it doesn’t sell, then i’d go down to 6,999nps. Remember: Always use the shop wizard to price neopoints! (If you don’t know how to use the shop wizard, scroll down)

Is that the only way to restock?:

I’m glad you asked that! No, that is not the only way to restock. Another way to restock is by using the shop wiz. Sometimes, careless people will misprice the items they put in their shop. Instead of pricing a codestone for 5000 neopoints, they price it for 500 neopoints. See how they missed the extra 0? These are the people you will love in the future. It does take time and patience to find these errors, but once you find one, you got to snatch that item before anyone else can. When you get the item, then make sure you sell it in your shop for the right price. Remember to use the shop wiz.
NOTE: If you don’t know how to use the shop wiz, then scroll down this page just a bit more…the steps are right there)

5)Using The Shop Wizard:

To get to the shop wizard, go to your item box and look at the top search bar. Click on the blue wizards hat, with yellow dots. If your trying to figure out how much something costs, type in the exact name and click search shops. You will see a list of shops that have that item. Look at the price and you will know how much to price your item at. You can also use the shop wiz to buy items for cheap prices. Just use the same instructions listed above.

6)I just made 100,000nps from your tips, but i have problems saving!!:

Uh Oh! That can’t be good. A good way to save neopoints is to put all of it in the bank and decide a limit of nps you will use a day. You don’t need much, maybe a few toys and some food for your pets. Don’t buy thing’s you don’t need. Also, set a goal of how much neopoints you will gain in a month or so. That will motivate you to work twice as hard until you reach your goal. Sooner or later, you will have enough neopoints to paint your pets! 😀

7)Are there any OTHER ways to save my money?

Of course there is. It does cost money to buy food and toys for your pets but, there is a way to prevent you from spending so much. In Neopia Central there is a neolodge. There you can put your neopets in a hotel where they are fed and taken care of for a VERY LOW price. Put your pets in Cockroach Towers for 28 nights with NO EXTRA’s . They will be fed and played with, while you can save your neopoints.

8)What is this “interest” thing people keep talking about?

Interest is your friend! First you have to make a bank account. Go to and start an account. After using Smile’s Neopoint Making Tips you will have neopoints to put into that bank account you currently made. When you’ve done that there will be a little grey button where it says Collect Daily Interest . Everyday you will be able to collect neopoints from the bank. Make sure you do thisBEFORE depositing or withdrawing any neopoints. The more you have in your bank account, the more interest you can recieve! Within a year, this interest can add up to alot!

9)What should I do with codestones and faeries I get from tombola or find on the floor?

There are two things you can do. Sell it or use it on your pet. I would definatly sell a faerie or codestone if I got one. If your a battledome freak you can use the codestone at the training school to make your pet stronger. If you don’t battle, there really isn’t a point in training your pets. So selling the codestone is a good idea. It’s basically the same thing with the faerie. If you really think you need to bless your pet, then you can use it. But really, selling it is the way to go.

10)Games and restocks are boring…what else can I do?

Hey! Don’t be lazy! If you want neopoints, you have to earn it. On the other hand, there is another way to make items/neopoints without actually doing much. It’s called the Referral Program When you tell your friends about neopets and they sign up, YOU get credit. You have to know how to do this though, so here are the steps.
-Copy and paste this link into your address bar:
-You should see a Bolded link with your username in it..(eg.
-Copy it down and give it to all your friends who DON’T have neopet accounts yet. (You have to give them THAT exact link with your username in it so you can get the credit)
-If they sign up, you can win neopoints and items.
-Go here ( for a list of prizes.

11) Oh No!! My pet is sick and I need a VERY expensive cure!

No you don’t! All you need is patience. In faerieland there is a special place where you can heal your pets for free. It’s called Healing Springs. Just go there every 30 minutes until your pet is healed. **Make sure the sick pet is your active pet.**

12) Limited Time Offers

In this portion of my help page will be special offers neopets has provided to make a few neopoints. The only catch is that it is limited time offers and will eventually not be provided for us to use in our neopoint making process. I will change this everytime there is a new offer :)
Play all three games, 3 times each. You can make around 2k. They are really easy and don’t require much work.

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