Neopets Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ

Similar to the Symol Hole, the Meteor allows you to visit once an hour until you receive a prize. To get a prize, visit the Meteor as many times in a day as you can and poke it until it cracks and releases an item. Once you receive an item from the Meteor, you’ll have to wait until reset to visit again.


Kreludor Meteor Cheats

There is no strategy to the Meteor. You poke it and it gives you a prize. If you’ve already received your prize for the day but continue to poke the Meteor, you’ll get a message saying “The meteor has gotten very very hot. Careful, you might get burned.” or “An angry Grundo Scientist appears and is shouting madly. RUN!”. Neither of the events will affect your account. Here is a list of items that are exclusive to the Kreludor Meteor:

  • Antigravity Tulip
  • Glowing Meteor Rock
  • Meteor Bites
  • Meteor Rock
  • Mibblie
  • Nedler
  • Potted Tentacles
  • Rashpid
  • Snap Blorga
  • Space Fungus Spore
  • Space Tots
  • Tasty Fungus
  • Tencals
  • Tenta Biscuits
  • Unstable slime
  • Upsidown Tree

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