Neopets Forgotten Shore

Neopets Forgotten Shore is located in Krawk Island. It is obtainable through nine map pieces. Once you have them, go to treasure to successfully assemble them and then you will be able to participate. Neopets Forgotten Shore is totally free and will grant you, 50% of the time, a burried treasure or NP.

You can access it by going to Krawk Island and clicking on it at the top left of the map once you assemble it. If you have found a treasure, clicking anywhere on the map will add it to your inventory and it will show you its picture on the bottom of the screen. Sometimes the shore will say something like “there is nothing to be found today” which means you were unlucky for that day. You will also be able to earn 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 NP from the shore. You will only be able to hunt for treasure in the shore once per day.


Many prizes can be grabbed from the shore. Below is a list in alphabetical order  of the reported items that were received by players. Note that it may be not complete.

Adopt A Grundo Coin
Amulet of Darkness
Amulet of Fire
Amulet of Reflection
Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin
Bangles of the Deep
Circlet of the Deep
Claw Necklace
Cosmic Cheese Stars Coin
Discovered Treasure Chest
Dual Tone Maractite Coin
Earrings of the Deep
Enchanted Maraquan Necklace
Fifty Dubloon Coin
Five Dubloon Coin
Flower Circlet
Flower Necklace
Forgotten Shore Background
Forgotten Shore Map Piece (#)Golden Laurel Circlet
Gormball Coin
Gormball Necklace
Grobleen Salad Coin
Grundo Veggieballs Coin
Grundo Warehouse Coin
H4000 Helmet Coin
Hairpin of the Deep
Half Maractite Coin
Inflatable Bouncy Pirate Ship
Laval Stone Necklace
Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie
Maraquan Kau Maractite Coin
MegaTon Bracelet
Necklace of the Deep
One Dubloon Coin
Pawkeet Pinata
Pirate Aisha Morphing Potion
Pirate Aisha Plushie
Pirate Draik Egg
Pirate Draik Morphing Potion
Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion
Pirate Ogrin Plushie
Pirate Techo Morphing Potion
Pirate Tony Plushie
Pygyui Nesting Dolls
Rocky Ocean Background
Round Maractite Coin
Seaweed Design Maractite Coin
Squared Maractite Coin
Tiara of the Deep
Toy Pirate Sword
Tuskaninny Treasure
Twenty Dubloon Coin
Two Dubloon Coin

Neopets Forgotten Shore Cheats

Many people will go to the Forgotten Shore for one thing: The Avatar.
There is nothing you can do to get “more luck” for the Avatar. Just try to get it once per day and one day you’ll be able to receive it.

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