Neopets Kadoatery

The Kadoatery is a place for Neopians to place their Kadoatie’s when they go on vacation or just like a vacation FROM their high maintenance petpet. The problem is these critters are hard to keep quiet and they will cry if they’re not fed, and cry until they are fed. With a little help, you can master how to feed a kadoatie.


How to feed a kadoatie

To feed a kadoatie, you need to click on the picture of the kadoate you wish to feed. But, you are required to have the item in your inventory when you feed this poor, crying petpet. Kadoatie’s only ask for items with a rariety of 95 and below. There is only 16 kadoatie’s to be feed per stock, so you gotta be quick! To find out the kind of things it does and does not eat and how to get the item, check below!


Finding the requested item

The first solution is to quickly look up in the main shops by searching the item in the search box and buying it from the shops. Buying from the shop wizard can be risky because sometimes the owner of the shop will have music and a ton of the images that may slow or freeze your computer.

Copy and name of the item it wants and paste it into the search box.
Once you’ve searched up the item and found what you’re for, click on the button.


The things a Kadoatie will or will not ask for

Kadoatie’s will only ask for items with a rarity of 95 and below. So rarity 99, r101+, and r180 will not be accepted! Kadoatie’s are very picky on what they ask for.

  • Brightvale Fruit
  • Desert Food
  • Faerie Food
  • Regular Food
  • Healthy Food
  • Hot Dogs
  • Jelly Food
  • Kiko Lake Food

  • Kreludan Food
  • Medieval Food
  • Pizza
  • Snow Food
  • Space Food
  • Spooky Food
  • Tropical Food
  • Tyrannian Food


The things a Kadoatie will or will not ask for

Please not that just because the item may contain the word “Gross”, “Chocolate”, or even “Slushie”, does not necessarily mean its from that shop! Look up and item and see where it comes from to test if the item is something it would ask for or not.

  • Baked Foods (The Bakery)
  • Candy (The Chocolate Factory)
  • Gross Food (items from the Alien Aisha Vending Machine, Tombola, etc.)

  • Aquatic Food (Kelp Resturant or Underwater map prizes)
  • Coffee (The Coffee Shop)
  • Smoothies (Super Smoothies)
  • Slushies (Slushie Shop)


Everything you need to know about retocks

If you visit the kadoatery and there is no pets wishing to be fed, you have to wait for the place to “restock” with new Kadoaties. The kadoatery restocks on the minute such as 12:35:00 or 6:52:00, never on times such as 12:35:42 or 6:52:11. The kadoatery genereally restocks every 30 minutes, but on rare occasions it may take up to 90 minutes!There is also mini restocks, which you can learn about later on. Visiting the game forums on Neopets can be very helpful. Other members will post the next restock time (this time is an estament based on the 30 minute restock time). There are also things called Mini-Stocks. These occur when the some kadoaties haven’t been feed around the same time as the others. These kadoaties are usually the ones who ask for expensive things like Draik Neggs, which require trades to buy.

When doing this, the best thing do have is Mozilla Fire Fox because of their tab browsing makes it EXTREMELY easy to switch back and forth from windows, getting you the item much faster than any other neopian. To get “tabs” on a window, you need to go File > New Tab. Make sure to have search AND the kadoatery open before it restocks!


The feeds are worth it in the end

You can only receive prizes up to 75 feeds, but some people go into the hundreds just for fun and to see if they can get the most feeds. For the first start, you’ll get trophies and then an avatar if you manage to get to 75 feeds.

Prize Number of Feeds
1-9 Feeds
10-24 Feeds
25-74 Feeds
75+ Feeds


Everything you need to know about the chat speak

When talking to other Kadoatie feeders or reading guides, you may find it difficult to understand what they are talking about. Here is some information on the their weird speak:

cf = Congratulations Feeders: Posted after the Kadoatie’s are all feed to congratulate those who were able to feed a Kadoatie.
glf or gl = Good Luck, Feeders: This is generally posted right before the estimated restock time to wish luck to those who are going to feed
hn = Had Nothing: This means they didn’t have any of the items the Kadoaties were requesting
Kad = Kadoaties
Main = The Main Kadoatery Restock: Generally said when talking about restock times, such as Main: 53.
Mini = The Mini Kadoatery Restock: Generally said when talking about restock times, such as Mini: 24.
Went Pink/Got Pink/Pink = It means they received the Kadoatery avatar


The feeds are worth it in the end
  • Keep less than 50 items in your inventory. If you need to purchase an item or remove it from your SDB, you’ll need the extra space!
  • Check the games forum on the Neoboards for the latest restock times!
  • Buying from the shop wizard can be a hassle for slower computers or visiting a shop with a ton of images and music. Trying buying it from the main shops first.
  • Copy and paste the item the kadoatie desires into the search box and see if the item is in stock.
  • If you buy an item for a kadoatie but you didn’t get a chance to feed it, keep the item. Place it on your SDB if its expensive, you may need it for another feed! 😉

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