Neopets Tunnel Tumble

Neopets Tunnel Tumble is a relatively hard game where you will be playing in the world of Moltara. You will be encountering flaming rocks and so on… Wait, is that supposed to matter?


You will be given a principal character, named Jordie that is on the center of the window. Just like Darigan Dodgeball, you will have to dodge the rocks that will be flying his way so that you stay the longest period of time in the game, without dying. You will not be able to touch the walls with your mouse cursor, as it will result in an automatic game loss. Upon starting the game, different rocks will come your way. Some are smaller than others whereas some are flaming, etc. Basically, the best thing you can do before you start is to know your rocks.

There is a total of four different rocks. The first one is a small brown rock that has spines on it, it is the most popular one and you will see it the most. The second rock looks like a coconut, it has three holes and it is flaming in its inside. The third rock is completely grey and the final one is a large, red rock that actually has a pool of lava inside.

When you will start the game, these rocks will be moving in your direction in a normal speed and you will have to dodge them. If you are able to stay for quite a while, they will start moving faster and it will be harder to remain alive in the game, just like Darigan Dodgeball. Also, make sure that you pay attention to the timer that is located at the bottom of the screen. It will indicate the number of seconds you were able to stay in the game and it will give you a general idea about how many points you still need to achieve x score for x trophy.

Neopets Tunnel Tumble Strategy & Cheats

Make sure you never touch the wall that you see in the game. Doing so will result in an automatic loss. You will also have to dodge all of the rocks you will encounter when they will be flying your way. This game is based on skills and you will not be able to rely on a code. The key is to practice the more you can and to be able to get the score of your dream. A good strategy is to concentrate on the smaller rocks because they are the hardest to see, and they are brown which is similar to the background color. For that reason, focus on these and less on the giant rocks, because the other ones will be obviously located by you. Never stay near the wall because, as previously mentioned, if you happen to touch it, it will be a direct game over. The reason behind that is if a giant rock comes your way, chances are you will not be able to have a lot of space and you will increase the risk of you, touching the wall directly. Finally, Keep moving on the screen and try to avoid staying in one spot, because the rocks will start moving faster the further you get in the game. Have fun!

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