Neopets Let it Slide

Neopets Let it Slide is one of the many platform scrolling games the Arcade has to offer. Platform scrolling games have been a staple of the video game world. With the introduction of Space Panic in 1980, but popularized by games such as Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s no surprise that Neopets Let it Slide is one that falls under this popular genre.



Your goal is to control the Snuffy to get through the Ice Cave. Your controls are left and right arrows to maneuverer, and the up arrow to hop. For an extra spring to that hop, simply hold down the up arrow. There are only three levels, and with three lives, it seems easy enough, right? Alas, this game has the infamy of being one of the more difficult games on Neopets, however, you can be the judge of that, can’t you dear player?

Basic controls aside, let’s get into the details of the game. Terror Mountain is known for their icebergs, and I suppose their floating ice platforms. Some have even said they haven’t been touched in eons. That said, when your Snuffy hops upon an iceberg, be careful! They will sink underneath your paws. It cannot support your weight for long periods of time. If you hop upon an ice platform, your paws will sink right through if you aren’t quick enough. They will melt within a short period of time, so make those hops count! Speaking of ice, keep that terrain in mind. You will slide to a stop if you cease to move, be sure to keep the surroundings in mind.


Points in the game are gained by accumulating green diamond-like gems, which are worth ten points apiece. While the Snuffy starts out with three lives, additional lives in the form of hearts will be found on each level. For each heart found, an additional 50 points will be given. This is a game of speed, for when you finish, any remaining seconds remaining on the timer will be converted into points, with one point to one second. For those playing for the elusive Neopoint, there is a 2.42 point to 1 Neopoint ratio in distribution, with a score of 2420 giving a reward of 1000 Neopoints. And, for those wanting to boost that avatar score, keep stepping. This game awards no such thing.


So, it seems easy enough, right? Just avoiding melting ice, the sinking icebergs, and the sliding about! INCORRECT. There was one tiny thing we forgot to mention. Your Snuffy isn’t alone in this journey. Little petpets, called Gabars, will be seen about your adventure. They are NOT your friends. Rather, armed with snowballs, they want nothing more than to keep you out of the Ice Caves, and probably out of Terror Mountain all together. This is strange, according to our NeoPedia, Gabars adore cuddling and playing with everyone! However, we mustn’t question what’s going on in the game. There is no way to disarm, or disable these little creatures. Do not hop on them on any circumstance. Avoid them at all costs, and dodge those snowballs! They can walk, run, or even fly.

Of course, what is a game without a boss? The Boss Gabar will show up later in the game, and this spunky little fella is about twice the size of a normal one. He will hop up and down, simply time the hop, and run under him. He won’t chase after you, it’s really anticlimactic, just run and never look back!


Environmental Obstacles

Gabars aren’t the only way to lose lives, sadly. We spoke earlier about the floating platforms and icebergs, however, what happens if you aren’t careful enough and manage to melt through or sink?

Water is not a Snuffy’s friend. Being in the water for even a second will result in the loss of a life. Be sure to time your iceberg jumps accordingly, you do not want to end up in the water. In addition, be sure to look before you leap, or slide for that matter! With many ice ramps for sliding, it’s crucial to watch what’s underneath your feet. However, water won’t be seen until level 2, which is good for you! Use level 1 to get acclimated to the game, and to conserve your lives, as well as getting all the gems you can.


Level 3 introduces the mighty stalagmites. Do not run into them, do not land on them. You will lose a life. However, they’re stationary, and pretty easy to hop over. Your true main concern with these little guys are sliding into them. Just be sure to remain in control of your Snuffy at all given times.



You might be wondering at this point, “Do I have to worry about getting run over by a boulder?” No, but boulders are a part of the game! Simply hop onto a boulder, and let gravity do its work. If gravity needs a boost, simply walk backwards on the boulder to propel the boulder forward. It’ll take a bit of balance, but we have all of the confidence that your Snuffy will do just fine.

Geysers also have an appearance in the game, and in your favor! Simply walk over a geyser, and before you know it, it’ll give you a helpful boost into the air. Use this wisely to get to places that have more gems, or to advance closer to those Ice Caves. Hold down that up arrow for an even larger boost.

It is Neopia, afterall. What would a game be without a handy dandy propeller hat? Not a finished one, I assure you. Simply walk over to one if seen, and prepare to be introduced to the magical world of gliding and flight. Jumps are more controlled with this feature, and helps enable the Snuffy to reach additional gems, but also to avoid pesky Gabars and bodies of water. Use them smartly!

Cheats, Tips, Final Words

All in all, with some time and effort put in, this game can be a lot of fun to play. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even get a trophy if you really get the hang of it. As a kind parting gift before you head into the the freezing land called Terror Mountain, have a helping hand. Type in the word “stalactites” during the game to gain an additional life, and to gain an additional 50 points if that life isn’t lost.


Good luck, dear player!

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