Neopets Draik

Getting a Draik is easy enough, if you have enough neopoints. Draiks are wanted throughout Neopia, and are one of the rarest, next to krawks to get! Here is step by step, on how to get a Draik.

One easy way to get a draik is buying a morphing potion… if you have money. Here are some potions which you can use on a pet you already have (These are just SOME potions):

Or… you could try this way…

1. Buy a draik egg from someone’s shop or with luck, grab one at the Meridell Food shop

2. The next step is to make sure you only have three pets or less.

3. Go to the Draik Nest and have your egg hatched.

4. There you have it! Your very own draik. Keep in mind that you cannot give it a gender! But, have fun.

You can also create a draik, but TNT barely ever releases more draiks. Donna keeps saying on Draik day they will release more draiks but they never do. xD

How do you Get it?
Visit the Draik Nest while having a Draik as your active pet.

Buy Neopoints