Neopets Stat Increasers

Neopets Stat Increasers are a really important part of the game simply because the stats of your Neopets will not be always the way you want, simply because every course will take time. Neopets Stat Increasers are mostly for wealthier Neopian players that are looking for spend more money to avoid the time waste when it comes to completing courses. They will want to invest that many NP because for the higher levels, training gets really long and it is preferable for some people to boost up their pets stats by few points simply by purchasing items that will be for their advantage, minimizing courses trainings.

Neopets Neggs

Neopets Neggs are a type of stat increaser that can boost up your pet’s stat(s) upon feeding it to them. It is preferably to have a pet that is dying of hunger, simply because he will be able to do eat much more neggs than one who is already bloated or almost, since hunger will decrease by levels for every hour that passes. You will have to remember is the amount of effectiveness that will be provided by the items. For example, the Snegg is a very popular negg that you can find in the TP for approximately 100k NP. The Snegg will grant your active pet a total of 2 to 3 health points, and a total of 2 to 3 agility points (mouvement). You may be thinking that Sneggs are actually expensive, but think again. They can really be used for your advantage. A single Snegg will grant you atleast 2 HP and 2 movement points. If your pet is level 240, then you would have to actually spend NP to purchase 7 Codestones, which can be really pricey at the 60k NP range and last for 24 hours per point. For that reason, not only the Snegg will save you NP, but it will also faster the process.

If you feed, for example, the Snegg the maximum amount of times in a day, considering the fact that your pet’s hunger will vary through level for each hour that passes, and that you respect the time to be as quick as possible, you will be able to get between 48 and 72 HP a day, which is a lot, in the contrary of training who would have given you only a total of 1 point per day for a lot of NP. Of course, you will not only be able to purchase Sneggs as many variety of neggs are offered to you which will boost different stats. For example, there is the Armoured Negg that grants your pet a total of 1 defense along with a Battledome item (defensive one) that will also save you a lot of time. If you are able to feed your pet with Armoured Neggs for every hour, then you can get 24 defence points a day, at the cost of approximately 1.5m NP. Again, this may only be good once you have the NP.

Below is a list of Neggs that will alter different stats of your pet(s), along with the amount of Negg Tokens they will cost. You can refer to this guide if you’re looking to increase a particular stat of your pet, since not all Neggs will have the same effects and some of them will be for your disadvantage. It is recommended to make sure you’re not going after any Negg, since some of them will even alter the color of your pet. In this guide, various Neggs will be explained precisely, along with whether they are recommended to purchase or not.

Happy Negg. This first negg will be priced at 4 Negg Tokens and it will, in a short summary, increase the happiness of your pet(s). This Negg is not really recommended to have, as you can easily purchase a toy at the Neopian shop wizards for as low as 1 NP, or get them for free through random events, then play with your pet to increase its happiness to its max. Since happiness is not really an important factor for the Battledome, you may want to save your NP for something else.

Happy Negg

Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb. This Negg, at the cost of 4 Negg Tokens, will give you the possibility to do a total of 5 air, dark, and fire icons during the Battledome and this Negg is a one use time only. Since this Negg is more like a weapon than a stat increaser, you may want to forget it if you have a strict and limited budget to purchase stat neggs with.

Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb

Darksplash Negg Bomb. At the cost of 4 Negg Tokens, the Darksplash Negg Bomb will also do damage during the Battledome, just like the Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb, but with different icons. This one will do a total of 5 dark, physical and water icons and can also be used only once. Again, because it will not give you stats, you may want to forget it at the moment if you currently have a limited budget.

Darksplash Negg Bomb

Glamour Negg. For 7 Negg Tokens, this Negg will increase your pet’s happiness and will also give you a prize reward which can be a Gold Brush, Mirror, or a Shampoo that are all grooming items (for the mood of your pet). The intelligence of your pet will also decrease by 1. This is not recommended as not only it is not a Battledome stats increaser, but it will also remove intelligence from your pet which is fundamental if you are training his agility, to steal weapons from your opponents during the advanced battles.

Glamour Negg

Smiley Negg. For 9 Negg Tokens, just like the Happy Negg, this will increase the happiness of your pet. For previously mentioned reasons, you may want to leave this one where it is and save your NP for better Neggs.

Smiley Negg

Negg of Purity +1. Because they are priced at 10 Negg Tokens, and are relatively cheap, the Neggs of Purity +1 are recommended if you like taking gambles, because they can increase the defence of your current pet by 1. Since they will not be able to hurt your pet or do something to it in the negative way, you will want to purchase a good amount of those if you have the NP and if you’re looking for defence points. Not a fan of gambles? Nothing to worry about, some of the Neggs that will be presented later will be also able to provide defence points without going through gambles.

Negg of Purity +1

Wicked Negg. For 10 Negg Tokens, you will waste your NP as this Negg is just a food that does absolutely nothing. You can find a variety of food types, on the site, that are obtainable for free and that can be bought from shops at 1 NP. For this reason, you may want to keep your NP for effective Neggs. Also, who would want of a Wicked Negg?

Wicked Negg

Pumpkin Negg. Actually, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to purchase / feed your pet with this. At the price of 12 Negg Tokens, this will increase the pet’s weight and decrease your pet’s height by respectively 1 to 2 lbs and 1 to 2 cm. Of course, in real life weight will really matter to determine whether or not a fighter is resistant. For pets, defence points are really what you should worry about and not the rest. Since this Negg will not provide significant Battledome stats, you may want to find something else to hunt.

Pumpkin Negg

Blue Furry Negg. For 15 Negg Tokens, the Blue Furry Negg will heal your pet with 5 hit points when it is outside of the Battledome, meaning that if it is currently not in a Battle. Why would you want to spend your NP for 5 HP when you can go to the Healing Springs located in Faerieland and receive, there, free healings? Pass on that.

Blue Furry Negg

Armoured Negg. Priced at 16 Negg Tokens, these will increase the defence of your pet by 1 point, and it will also give you a shield for you to use. The shields can be an Omelette Shield, Shoulder Armour, Nurias Battle Shield or Scamander Shield. Since this Negg is a buyable item, if you’re going after some serious defence healing for your high leveled pets, you may want to consider purchasing it.

Armoured Negg

Sweet Heath Negg. Costing 18 Negg Tokens, the Sweet Heart Negg will award you with an ice cream or candy item that is completely random. It is currently useless for the Battledome.

Sweet Heart Negg

Crystal Negg. Their price is 22 Negg Tokens. These will, once fed, heal your pet with a total of 8 hit points when you are currently not battling, meaning outside of the Battledome. Again, you can visit the Healing Springs in Faerieland if you’re looking after some serious HP heals.

Crystal Negg

Ghost Negg. This particular Negg will do nothing to your Neopets and is just a food that can be eaten in a regular basis. You may want to pass on this.

Ghost Negg

Genius Negg. At the price of 24 Negg Tokens, not only they will increase your pet’s intelligence by 1 to 3 points, but you will receive a Book for simply feeding it to your pet. Because it is expensive for few intelligence points, this is not really needed to earn BD stats.

Genius Negg

Vortex Negg. The Vortex Negg is more like a gamble, for 24 Negg Tokens, that gives you the chance to increase or decrease by 1 point the maximum health points your pet currently has. IMPORTANT: This item can also turn your pet into a blue, green, red or yellow basic color. Avoid it at all cost, unless you really don’t mind about the color of your pet and can paint him/her later.

Vortex Negg

Christmas Tree Negg. At the price of 27 Negg Tokens, this Negg will heal you with 20 HP. Again, visit the Healing Springs if you are looking for healings.

Christmas Tree Negg

Staring Negg. For 30 Negg Tokens, the Staring Negg will decrease the intelligence of your pet by 10 points. Unless you’re doing a competition to reach the pet with the less intelligence possible, you may want to forget about this Negg.

Staring Negg

Bang Bang Negg. This one will give you a snowball that is very random. 33 Negg Tokens.

Bang Bang Negg

Fireball Negg. This is more like a weapon. It will do a maximum amount of damage, during a battle, of four fire icons. This is not really useful to boost BD stats.

Fireball Negg

Icestorm Negg. This Negg will do 1 physical icon during the Battledome. Not a stat booster.

Icestorm Negg

Spinning Negg. This particular Negg, who costs 36 Negg Tokens used to give your pet the Air Shield Faerie ability. However, this will not do anything currently.

Spinning Negg

Basic Power Negg. At the price of 39 Negg Tokens, this Negg will increase the defence of your pet by 1 point. Since this is more expensive than the Armoured Negg, which does the same effect, and will not grant you a shield, this is not really recommended as you can waste a good amount of NP on it.

Basic Power Negg

Evil Negg. This is a weapon that will do 3 dark icons, along with 1 physical during a Battle at the cost of 42 Negg Tokens. Not required to boost stats.

Evil Negg

Witchy Negg. A really gambling Negg. For 48 Negg Tokens, this will give you a chance to change the gender of your pet, to raise their intelligence, HP, cure them, or transform them to a Lenny, Moehog or Tuskaninny. Chances that you actually receive HP are very slim, and you will most likely turn your pet into a specie that you don’t want. For that reason, don’t waste your NP on this.

Witchy Negg

Kaleideonegg. At 52 Negg Tokens, this will change the color of your pet to the four basic ones, and there is a chance to increase the number of HP or level of your pet by 1. Again, this is a gamble for a high amount of NP, which is not recommended for obvious reasons.


Faerie Queen Neeg. One of the most sought after Neggs, at the cost of 57 Negg Tokens, you will find this for a hundred of NP or less if you buy them in bulk. This will increase the maximum amount of HP of the fed pet by 1. Very useful for higher end pets and this is really a good choice to put your NP on.

Faerie Queen Negg

Rainwater Negg. This Negg used to give your pet a Steam Shield Faerie Ability, but it has currently stopped to do anything at all because of the new BD. Not something to look after.

Rainwater Negg

Confusionegg. Used, for 64 Negg Tokens, to give your pet a Psychic Blast Faerie Ability and does nothing at this time.


Radioactive Negg. Used, for 66 Negg Tokens, to give a random Faerie Ability, which doesn’t anymore at this time.

Radioactive Negg

Silver Knight Negg. For 72 Negg Tokens, this will increase the defence of your pet by 1 to 2. Think again: why would you want to pay much more NP to purchase a Negg that gives 1-2 defence points, when you can simply buy two Armoured Neggs for way cheaper? Not recommended.

Silver Knight Negg

Power Negg. Strength can be expensive to train up. The Power Negg, at 79 Negg Tokens, gives you the possibility to raise it. A good choice to look forward after training up defence points.

Power Negg

Cracked Negg. For 90 Negg Tokens, this will Heal your pet with 3 HP, take them out, or will inflict 3 light and dark icons. This is more like a weapon, which is not recommended in this case.

Cracked Negg

Crackling Negg. Does Nothing.

Cackling Negg

Plaid Negg. Can change the colour of your pet. Avoid it at all cost.

Plaid Negg

Ferocious Negg. At 124 Negg Tokens, this will ad 1 to 3 strength points to your pet, along with a random disease. Since the disease is easily curable, and that not many Neggs will provide STR points, this is good to go after if you have the NP.

Ferocious Negg

Snegg. Use this Negg if you would like to go through the old increasing way. This Negg will not only increase your HP by 2-3 points, but will also increase your Agility by 2-3 points, and therefore it is one of the most recommended Neggs to seek.


Spiked Negg. At 195 Negg Tokens, this will give you 1-3 HP. For the price, you should really go after the Snegg, as it will give you a better advantage (because of agility) and will cost you generally cheaper.

Spiked Negg

Super Negg. Expensive Negg at the price of 210 Negg Tokens. This will increase the intelligence of your pet by 1, HP by 1-3 and agility by 1 to 3 points. Not worth the price, you should really look forward Sneggs, Armoured Neggs and Ferocious Neggs.

Super Negg

Cool Negg. This Negg will increase the level of your pet by 1 to 2 HP, 1 to 3 agility, and 1 to 3 strength points. 247 Negg Tokens is really expensive too. The effect is perfect if you can afford the price.

Cool Negg

Other Stat Increasers

Alternatively, you can use various potion, for example, like the Altador Strength Potion which will grant your pet a total of 5 strength points. The potions are usually more expensive and it will not be required to pay attention the hunger of your pet. Other than that, there is the Bubbling Fungus that will give you the chance of adding up to 5 strength points to your pet, or losing a maximum of 3 points. Even if this is a gamble, you have good chances to increase your pet’s stats with this item.

Mushroom Stat Increasers

There used to be a time when you could purchase various Mystal Mushrooms through shops in order to train up your pets and get some serious benefits: they used to be so cheap that many people were able to afford them. The Apothecary is where they used to restock, and they gave a random effect to your pet. Even if they currently not restock anymore for the fact that they are now retired, you are always able to purchase the Mushrooms from other Neopians through the Shop Wizard, Trading Post and you can even get them through Auctions. Since they are retired, they increased in their particular rarity and price every day, at a point where you will have a hard to time to purchase them.

Below is a like of the Mystic Mushrooms along with their effects, which will give you a better idea about what you should go for, and what not to seek after. Note that you will also need a good amount of NP to purchase these, making it harder for average Neopian to get them.

Blue Healthshroom. This mushroom, as its name says, will heal your pet by healing it with a total of 1 maximum hit point. Since there are many healing potions at low prices, or even the Faerie Springs in Faerieland that is completely free, purchasing the Blue Healthshroom to heal your pet will be plain ridiculous, unless you would like to collect it, of course.

Blue Healthshroom

Green Healthroom. This mushroom also heals your pet, but this time, with a maxium of 11 hit points instead of 1, which is an additional 10 HP. Again, it would be a waste of NP to seek this particular item, thus it is preferable to directly go after the Healing Springs or after a cheaper Healing Potion. Unless you are a collector, you do not want to spend a large amount of NP on something you can get for free.

Green Healthshroom

Green Toadstool. The Green Toadstool will heal your pet with a total of 3 HP. Again, just like the two mushrooms seen before, these mushrooms are retired and will in fact require you to spend a big amount of NP to get them. For that reason, you do not want to purchase these. Even if you’re one of the wealthiest Neopians, why would you want to purchase something that is expensive to use, where you could purchase something that is way more cheaper? For that reason, it is not recommended, also because it will not add BD stats to your pet.

Green Toadstool

Level Up Shroom. This mushroom will raise the level of your pet by 1 point, which is considerable. Since the amount of Neggs that will grant 1 level are limited, it is recommended that you purchase the Level Up Shroom when you have the NP.

Level Up Shroom

Mega Power Plusshroom. This mushroom will give your pet an additional point, which can be added to his strength, level or HP. For this reason, the Mega Power Plusshroom is something recommended to look after, but you will mostly not find these anymore, or if you do, they would be worth hundreds of thousands, or even millions of NP. Only recommended for wealthy Neopians.

Mega Power Plusshroom

Poisonous Mushroom. The Poisonous Mushroom will give your pet a disease, which is Neopox. Who on his right mind would want to give a disease to his pet? Not only that, but to spend to spend a large amount of NP to do so? This mushroom is not recommended at all.

Poisonous Mushroom

Purple Spotted Shroom. That particular Shroom will give you the chance to heal your pet by 3 HP, which is useless, receive 1 HP and 1 STR point. Note that the Purple Spotted Shroom is so rare that you will most likely not find it through the TP, which is why you should stick with Neggs (refer to the guide at the top) if you’re looking forward training HP or STR points.

Purple Spotted Shroom

Strength Shroom. This mushroom will give you from 1 to 3 strength points. Again, it is recommended only if you have the NP. 1-3 STR points is very good, but considering the fact that it will cost you a lot just to find one of them, you would be better going after Altador Strength Potion or even taking a gamble with the Bubbling Fungus.

Strength Shroom

Super Fast Shroom. This mushroom will give an additional 1 agility point to your pet. Literally, you can purchase a Snegg which will cost you probably even less, and will not only raise the agility of your pet by 2-3 points, but also its HP by 2-3 points. In this case, Sneggs would be really the way to go.

Super Fast Shroom

Yellow Healthshroom. This particular mushroom will heal your pet by 15 HP and will cure your pet from any disease. It would be better to go and heal your pet through the Healing Springs (in Faerieland) and see if you are lucky enough to get him/her cured. You will spend a lot of NP on a “curing item” when cures will cost much less NP, even the pricier ones.

Yellow Healthshroom

Finally, there are many ways to increase the stat of your pet(s) without having to go through a long training, and this is perfectly recommended if you have the NP.

Buy Neopoints