Neopets Faerie Abilities

These are all of the abilities that will be granted to you by the different faeries around the site. To be granted an ability, release a bottled faerie from their bottle, and if your pet meets the required level, you will be granted the next ability that the faerie has to offer. If your pet does not meet the required level, then the faerie will fly away and be wasted.

Abilities also have different levels of use. For example, if you have a level two in the “Negg” ability, you will produce two yellow Neggs instead of just one. You can only increase your faerie abilities from twothree places at the moment: the Wheel of Excitement, the Wheel of Mediocrity and the Wheel of Monotony.

Here is is a listing of all the faerie abilities. The abilities bolded abilities are the ones I think should be given to your pet and are very useful in the Battledome.

Air Faerie Abilities
Level Picture Ability Name Description
1 Spark A gentle bolt of electricity will help fend off your enemies
5 Air Shield Gusts of wind encircle your creature when it is attacked and help fend off incoming blows
8 Haste Your pet becomes faster in movement and combat
10 Thunder Tail The mighty Thunder Tail attack
12 Flight This will allow your creature to take to the skies and fly
17 Dive Dive into combat and surprise your enemy with this attacking advantage
21 Invisibility This will make you safe from attack Well,as long as your enemies do not rely on their sense of smell
28 Diamond Dust Light attack, may freeze opponent
33 Teleport Teleports you
Dark Faerie Abilities
Level Picture Ability Name Description
2 Night Vision Night Vision allows your pet to see at night
4 Nighttime Darkens an illuminated area
7 Temporal Leak Creates a bubble of slow time that will slow down all creatures that come near you
10 Shroud Makes you 99% invisible to creatures of good faith
12 Demon Breath Your pets demon breath releases a fearful stench that prevents most creatures from coming closer
17 Shadow Health This will allow you to extend your creatures maximum life by borrowing defence from the shadow plane
21 Drain Life This evil ability allows you to steal health from another NeoPet in combat
30 Sink Defends against all Dark, fire, light, water and physical attacks. This ability is key in the Battledome.
Earth Faerie Abilities
Level Picture Ability Name Description
1 Magic Pebbles This allows you to animate the rock around you and fire pebbles at your enemies
3 Tough Skin The power of the earth will harden your pet’s skin, making it more difficult to hit
6 Magic Berries Creates magical berries for your NeoPet, or its friends, to eat
10 Burrow By activating this ability, your pet will burrow out of harms way when trying to evade combat
12 Negg Creates a juicy Negg for your pet
15 Twisting Vines This ability summons vines from the forest to twist around and attack your opponents
19 Great Feast Create a feast fit for a king with this powerful ability
23 Regeneration The power of the earth will help your NeoPet naturally heal faster than others
30 Stone Legion Sends a hoard of stone golems against your opponent
Fire Faerie Abilities
Level Picture Ability Name Description
1 Smoke Screen Escaping from combat is easier if you can hide yourself in a smoke screen
3 Fiery Roar This loud roar is sure to scare away even the most fearsome of enemies
6 Fiery Gaze By using the fiery gaze ability your pet can hypnotize weak-minded creatures and force them to do its bidding
8 Fireball This powerful ability lets your pet shoot magical fireballs at its enemies
12 War Cry Rushing into combat with a war cry will make your NeoPet more aggressive
15 Lava Spit Your pet gains the ability to spit a bolt of molten hot lava at an enemy
19 Song of the Volcano The song of the volcano gives you protection when roaming the hot lands of Neopia
24 Boil Invoking the power of flame against water will give you a powerful advantage against water creatures
33 Meteor Shower Fire and physical attack
Light Faerie Abilities
Level Picture Ability Name Description
1 Magic Torch The Magic Torch lights up dark areas and never goes out
4 Flash Blind your enemies with this flash and escape from combat easily
7 Bless When your NeoPet has been blessed, it will heal faster and also become stronger in combat
10 Sun Ray A bright beam of sunlight that will help you defeat evil creatures
13 Psychic Blast A psychic blast may overwhelm weak-minded opponents
17 Mote Dance Small motes will circle around your creature, protecting it from harm
22 Restore Restores some of your NeoPets health, and negates any bad things that may have happened to it
33 Ascension Rise above your opponent to avoid an attack
Water Faerie Abilities
Level Picture Ability Name Description
1 Heal With this, your creature gains the ability to heal itself
3 Bubble Shield Although not a strong shield, this bubble will protect your pet for a short period of time
6 Water Jet Allows your pet to shoot a powerful jet of water at an enemy
9 Quench Quenching the flames of fire-type creatures will give you an advantage against them in combat
12 Steam Shield The steam shield is a gaseous force field that deflects light attacks. Its effects are temporary
16 Water Breathing This magical ability allows your pet to survive underwater for long periods of time
20 Water of Life This ability allows your NeoPet to create magical healing waters
30 Healing Vapor Heals 33% of your lost Hit points. This is another important ability. Certainly if you have high hit points.
33 Watery Guardian Physical Attack

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