Neopets Pterattack

Neopets Pterattack is a game that is located in the world of Tyrannia where you will be controlling a bird, the Pteri, to fly and shoot at the enemies that will be coming your way. Neopets Pterattack will give you the opportunity to be flying and to become better at dodging your enemies.


You will have to use the arrow keys in order to move on the screen, and you will have to decide where to go in order to dodge the enemies that will be flying your way. You will also have to use the space bar to shoot them and to take them down. However, you will not be always able to shoot the same way, even though you will always start with the same weapon, for the simply reason that there are many for you to pick from.

There is a total of four weapons that you will be encountering in the game and they will be different when it will come to shoot while using them. There is the PterShot, which is the blue weapon. The FireBall is the red weapon, the PterPod is the green weapon and the PterBoom is the purple weapon. The FireBall weapon, however, will be nice for you to use because it will be easy eradicating your enemies, pterodactyls with them.

Make sure that you upgrade your weapon in order to stand against the pterodactyls that will start appearing through the later level. If you have a fully upgraded weapon and then you decide to pick another one, note that you will have to start back from the first level.

The PterShot (blue) weapon is like a beam that will be going all the way to the direction you decide and every time you will be shooting, you will be shooting, the longer you are pressing the space bar, the more powerful the PterShot becomes. This weapon is not really recommended before on the later game you will be taking damage.

The PterPod (green) weapon is a nice start for you and this is what you will have when you will start the game. If you upgrade it once, it will then start firing two balls at a time and then if you upgrade it for a third time, the rate will become faster. If you upgrade it four times, it will become like the PterShot and it will be hard to stand later levels. For that reason you will want to look for something else.

The PterBoom (purple) is a nice weapon that will shoot like a boomerang, from where it will be able to attack two times at once, once you manage to upgrade it. The third upgrade will not give an upgrade to the PterBoom. The fourth one will be able to increase its size so that you can deal more damage to a bigger amount of units and you should be cautious that if there is an enemy that is near you, and that you are on the fourth upgrade, you will most likely get hit if you are not able to keep the fire because there will be a delay.

The FireBall (red) weapon is a nice one. When you will take it, it will start by firing single shots. When you grab another one of these and you successfully upgrade it, it will become like the green weapon, and the purple one so it will shoot two shots at a time. If you upgrade it for the third time, it will be able to attack with firing three bullets at a time. Upgrading it four times will be firing a total of three waves that will be eradicating your enemies easily. This is like a defense to you and you will need it in the later game as it will be hard to maintain the rythm, simply because there will be many pterodactyls that will be coming your way.

You will however not be able to shoot infinitely and to have many bullets every where on the screen. On a given interval of time, there will be only a limited amount of bullets.

Each power up you will grab will give you a 10 points bonus. Since 10 points is relatively low and the game can be endless, even if you’re a trophy hunter you will want to not change weapon over 10 points unless it is the same as the one you currently have. You will be able to get much more points from the pterodactyls.

Controls and Instructions

Your Pteri is controlled with the arrow keys. Once you get the hang of flying around, you need to use the spacebar to shoot enemies as you move forward. Keeping the spacebar pressed down will result in a machine gun-like effect, shooting a steady fire of bullets into the air. You will notice that as you fly, you will see huts on the floor of the canyon. You don’t need to try to hit these! They are on the ground, rather than in the air like you, and do not need to be demolished.


Although the controls are simple, there are 4 different types of helpful weapons that you can choose from. Your weapons can be upgraded to be more useful or shoot more firepower, but new weapons that you pick up in the form of power-ups will start at an upgrade level of one.

PterShot: When you start off the game, this will be your weapon. No matter the level, this weapon will shoot forward in straight lines. However, once you reach level 2, it will fire 3 shots instead. The more you level up the weapon, the more shots it will fire. This weapon is not optimal for later in the game because when groups of enemies come at you, it isn’t that easy to take them all down without also being damaged yourself.

PterPod: This weapon is a bit strange and has a moderately low rate of fire. At its lowest upgrade level, the weapon shoots 3 shots. One is straight forward, while the other two are horizontal to the left and right, only one on the screen at a time. Remain on the sides of the screen, and when the right or left one disappears you can fire again.  Once you reach the second upgrade level, it shoots green bullets. These two bullets shoot in a V formation, however not very quickly. Like the first upgrade, you can not fire another shot until the bullets disappear on either side of the screen. The third upgrade is identical to the second, except that it shoots faster and your rate of fire increases. Your fourth upgrade introduces an interesting red laser that fires forward for a limited range of about one third of the screen, powerful but dangerous to use.

FireBall: A great weapon, this is my personal favorite to use. Many people also share my sentiments, and for a good reason. It may not seem very strong at first, but keep upgrading it! This weapon definitely improves over time. It begins with a single red bullet shooting forward, nothing special. On the second upgrade, it shoots two shots in a small V formation. In the third upgrade, it shoots 3 flaming bullets in a V formation with the middle one taking priority and speed. The fourth and final upgrade shoots 3 waves similar to the third upgrade. However, these are able to cover more area and give your Pteri a considerable defensive wall. This is my favorite weapon for that reason– you are able to cover your Pteri much more easily.

PterBoom: For your first upgrade, you get to fire off one boomerang-like shot at a decent speed. For your second upgrade, you get two boomerangs that fly out sideways a bit before traveling straight up, similar to the PterPod. However, this one twirls on the way up. For your third upgrade, you get to fire much more rapidly, still the same two boomerangs. Finally, for your fourth upgrade, you get two giant boomerangs flying off in the same pattern as before. It’s a boomerang-like weapon all the way through, though the shots don’t return to you. It is important to remember that firing these shots leave you vulnerable, and you will likely be hit.


This game only introduces two different enemies.

Red Grarrl: This Grarrl will come up behind your Pteri, crushing villages. It is worth ten points to hit, but it is recommended that you do not shoot unless you have a horizontal or diagonal weapon. Killing him out is easy enough unless being run over. The only way to easily get at him is going near the side of the canyon. For early on when you only have a forward shooting weapon, wait until he is far enough in, fly behind him, shoot, move on.

Pterodactyls: The main enemies of the game come in a few different colors, starting with brown and a slightly more resistant green. Then, the pterodactyls increase to blue, yellow, and red, each requiring more shots to take them out. However, they are all worth only 5 points each. The brown ones only need to be shot once by any of the weapons at basic level to be taken out, green ones require two  shots, blue ones require three shots of any of your available weapons, yellow require four shots of an active weapon, and the red ones require five, by far the hardest to kill. You should upgrade the strength of each weapon to take them out more easily. At the second upgrade, your weapons kill both brown and green Pterodactyls with one shot for instance. There is also a white/silver Pterodactyl that begins showing up at level 5 which swoops out from the left side. Running into it does not cost a life, but it can distract you.


There will be a total of two monsters that will be found in the game, which are the Red Giant Grarrl and the pterodactyls.

The pterodactyls are the flying birds that will be always coming your way. The more you remain in the game, the more resistant they will become and the harder it will be come for you to stay in the game. You will want to keep shooting at them as there will be many and you will also want to upgrade your weapon in order to have an easier time finishing them. The white pterodactyl is hard a little because it will start flying to the side of the screen and then to go your way and it can be quite bothering. There will be many colors of them, depending of their resistance and every time you will kill one, a total of 5 points will be awarded to you.

The Red Giant Grarrl is the next enemy which will come from behind you. This is the main reason that will want you to avoid sticking to the bottom of the map. People usually tend to stay there because they want to stay far from the pterodactyls, however, it is recommended that you stick in the middle of the screen because you will not know when he will be come. Once he pops up, he will be going forward and you will be able to go behind him in order to shoot at him. Once that happens, he will start return back and to disappear from the map. However, note that he will not die. Instead, he will be coming back through reasonable intervals of time in the game. Every time you will be able to hit him, you will be given a total of 10 points.

Neopets Pterattack Strategy & Cheats

Start the game by shooting on the pterodactyls and make sure that you are not at the bottom of the screen because you will not want to touch the red Grarrl that you will not know when he will be coming. It is recommended that you pick the FireBall weapon because it is the best one so far.

For the late game part, try to stay at the top of the screen because there will be also white enemies going on the corners and attacking you. Get the maximum level of your weapon and from there never switch again. You will want to always keep it with you. If you find more of it and you can grab it ( a weapon of the same color ), go for it because you will be given an additional 10 points.

You will want to keep the fire going and to be very careful. If you can not hit the red grarrl simply don’t go for it, because you will be able to receive a fair amount of points from the pterodactyls. Good luck.

  • The game starts off quite easily, but do not let this fool you! You will only have tan and green pterodactyls to take out at first. The Grarrls will also appear, but not as often. Don’t worry, they won’t become too much of a problem until later on.
  • You can only have 2 bullets on screen at once, so try not to get frustrated. Your shot has to clear the entire screen, or hit an enemy, before you can fire again. Two ways to be able to fire rapidly would be to hover near the middle of the field so that your missed shots disappear quickly or hit a target, another one would be to conserve your shots so that you fire closely at near point blank range to kill them.
  • You should probably use either the PterBoom or FireBall, as they are the most efficient to use.


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