Neopets Attack of the Slorgs

Neopets Attack of the Slorgs is a game where you need to stop a swarm of Slorgs from eating all of a farm’s crops, by shooting Slorgs at them to create combos. If you’re lucky enough to get a high score, Attack of the Slorgs will reward you with this shiny trophy.

Playing Guide

Loading the Game

Honestly, the most difficult part of this game is getting it to load. Because it’s a Shockwave game, and very broken, many browsers just don’t work. There are various things you can try; it seems that some methods work for some people, but not for others, and other methods work for other people, and so on.

-Try loading the game in Firefox. If it doesn’t work at first, try a few more times; then, try opening it in a new tab and a new window at almost the same time. Oddly, that works sometimes.

-Try loading it in Opera.

-See if it will load in Safari.

These are the only known ways of semi-reliably getting the game to load.


When the game starts, you’ll see a farm with a strange machine at the bottom, and a pile of crops on the right side of the screen. Soon, a line of Slorgs will start streaming in from the left side. This line will never end, so you don’t get any breaks until you finish a level. The whole line will follow the same path across the screen. If this line reaches the crops on the right, you will lose a life. You only have three lives, and there aren’t any opportunities to get more.

To stop the Slorgs from reaching the crops, you need to use the cannon at the bottom of the screen. Use the left and right arrow keys to aim the cannon, and the space bar to shoot the cannon. Before you shoot, you see a coloured blob at the cannon; after you shoot, a Slorg of the same colour as that blob will appear in the line, wherever the blob hit the line. If the blob doesn’t hit the line, then nothing will happen.

If there are two or more Slorgs of the same colour next to each other in the line, and you shoot a Slorg next to one of them, all three (or more) of them will disappear, and you’ll get points. This is the only way to impede the progress of the Slorgs toward your crops. If you don’t make enough groups of Slorgs, the line will reach the crops and you’ll lose.

At the beginning of each level, there will be a laser guide that shows you where your cannon is aimed; shortly, though, it will disappear.

Special Slorgs

Sometimes, the cannon will give you special Slorgs to shoot. Here are the different types:

Slowdown: This will slow down the line of Slorgs.

Multislorg: When shot, this will create more Slorgs in the line. It’s not helpful at all.

Super Slorgerizer: When this Slorg hits the line, it will destroy the two Slorgs directly to its left, and the two Slorgs directly to its right.

Slorg Block: When shot, this will stop all of the Slorgs behind it from moving. You can’t let them sit for too long, though, otherwise the game will remove the block and create more Slorgs in the line.

Puddle Water: This will turn all of the Slorgs into the same colour.

Slorg Destruct: When this is shot into the line, all of the Slorgs behind it will be destroyed.


Sometimes, during the game, a Quiggle will pop up in the hole on the left side of the screen. He doesn’t stay up for very long, so you need to react quickly when you see him, but you can get twenty-five extra points when you shoot him.

-If the cannon gives you a colour of Slorg that you don’t want, or a powerup that you don’t want, you can just shoot it somewhere out of the way of the line. It will just disappear.

-If you’re able to remove all of the Slorgs on the screen, you will get extra points. This is easiest to do at the beginning of a level with some luck, or with the Puddle Water powerup (and some luck).

Neopets Attack of the Slorgs Cheats

-You can type ‘marrow’ at any time when you’re playing to get an extra life, which can come in handy for obvious reasons. This can only be done once per game.

-After your laser guide disappears, you can type ‘chargex4’ to bring it back temporarily. You can use this cheat as many times as you want during a game, so you could play the entire game with the laser guide if you can type the code quickly.

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