Neopets Symol Hole

Have you heard of the Symol Hole? Your petpet can go down it and may come back up with some reward. This research was simple to do; just change the numbers on the Symol Hole link.

A regular Symol Hole URL looks something like this once a choice is selected:

See the e=0 part? If you replace 0 with one of the numbers below, you can see what results you can get.

0 : Nothing happens.
1 : Awards you an item.
2 : Awards you an item.
3 : Awards you an item.
4 : Raises your active petpet’s level.
5 : Awards you NP.
6 : Nothing happens.
7 : Nothing happens.

If you try higher numbers, nothing appears, so 7 is the highest number possible.

How do you Get it?
Received randomly from the Symol Hole.


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