Neopets Better Than You

Better Than You
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Difficulty: Medium
Category: Action
Related Avatars: Defeat an Opponent


A little bit on “Better Than You”

Every Thursday of every week, Neopets launches a new Better Than You. They give you a game, and if you score more than your opponent, you win! Only 500 people can win per contest, and after 500 have won they close the contest. They display different games per week, so if you have a vast majority of game skills, then Better Than You is the game to play!


What do I win?

Each week, when a new competition begins, the first 500 people who wins will win a prize. Each week’s prize is different. But the top few will win the following:

FIRST PRIZE First 10 people 20,000 Neopoints
SECOND PRIZE Winners 11-50 10,000 Neopoints
THIRD PRIZE Winners 51-500 3,000 Neopoints

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