Neopets Krawk

Getting a Krawk is easy enough, if you have enough neopoints. The Krawk is actually one of the proud winners of the Wooden Spoon award! If you don’t know what I mean go here. This makes it a very rare pet indeed! Here is step by step, on how to get a Krawk.

1. The first step is to get a krawk petpet. Easier said than done. You need to get some neopoints together if you don’t have over 500,000 neopoints, at the least. Or, if you are an exceptionally good restocker (or if you’re very lucky) you can get one at the Tyrannian Petpet Shop. Yes, it’s a bit odd they restock there rather than the Krawk Island Petpet shop, but according to the neopedia article, Krawk petpets orginated from the Tyrannian jungle.

2. The next step is to attach the krawk to one of your pets. NOTE: This will not work if you have four pets! Make sure you have 3 or less pets before attempting to get a Krawk!

3. Give the petpet the name you want your neopet Krawk to be.

4. Go to * Fungus Caves on Krawk Island next.

5. Feed your petpet Krawk some fungus from the cave and it *should* turn into a Krawk if you’ve followed all the steps! Enjoy your Krawk!

* The Fungus Caves are caves located off the beach of Krawk Island. For that reason they have water flowing through. They are quite boring, nothing much happens there. Besides the fact that the fungus magically transforms petpet krawks to fully grown Krawks, the Caves have nothing else of interest in them. The are located to the right of the Smuggler’s Cove.

Note: If say you have a faerie krawk petpet, when you go to the fungus caves it will turn into a faerie krawk, same with other colors.

Note 2: If the petpet lab ray transforms your petpet into a krawk, going to the fungus cave and feeding the krawk Fungus will not work.

How do you Get it?
Visit the Fungus Caves while having a Krawk as your active pet.

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