Neopets Lost City Lanes

Neopets Lost City Lanes is a delightful and relaxing way to pass the time while earning some Neopoints on the side. We all appreciate extra Neopoints, after all. Otherwise, why would you be here, trying to figure out this guide? Everyone appreciates a good bowling game though, and because bowling games are pretty self-explanatory, their difficulty level isn’t very high, making this a game for everyone of all gamer levels to enjoy. With an adorable but wise Lizark petpet by your side, let’s take a trip into Geraptiku’s fabled Lost City Lanes, and take a peak in how to make the most of this simple to follow and easy to play game. Let’s get started on this, dear player! Neopets Lost City Lanes resembles a bowling alley. Neopets Lost City Lanes brings enjoyment everywhere providing Neopians to knock down ten pins. Play seven levels in Neopets Lost City Lanes in the Lost City of Geraptiku, avoiding obstacles and collecting powerups.

How to Play

This game can be very simple with only a few controls. All you need is a keyboard for you will be using the left and right arrow keys and your space bar. There are seven levels and each level will be harder with more obstacles than the last.  You need to be able to pass the level by acquiring the target score which can be seen on the screen on the top right hand side.

At the start of the level you will need to move the ball with the arrows to pick the angle you are wanting. Once you have found that spot press the space bar and you will see a gauge that quickly goes from green to red. Green will make the ball go slow and the closer you are to the red the quicker you will go.
To dodge the obstacles with your arrows and use the space bar to jump. (This will help with the blocks on the path.)

There’s not a lot to write about concerning the control settings on Lost City Lanes. However, for those who need a refresher, let’s jump to that! To start off, use the left and right arrow keys to take aim of your pins. Do be sure to take in account that the ball may sway a little to left or right. Once you found a position that STRIKES your fancy, press that there space bar on your keyboard. This triggers the power level on the screen. The greener the color is, the weaker the ball will be rolled. The redder the color is, the stronger the ball will be rolled. Seems simple, however, the meter moves extremely quickly. Keep a good eye out on the power level! Once you find a power level that STRIKES your fancy, press the space bar once more, and let that puppy rip! Once in the lane, you can have full control where the ball goes, using the left and right arrow keys to steer, and even have the ball jump by using the space bar. It’s nothing drastic however. Within the game though, something that sets Lost City Lanes different from other run of the mill bowling games, is that there are obstacles to avoid. Do your best to avoid having your bowling ball lose momentum, and to score that well coveted strike for your bowling frame!


There are seven levels to the game. Each level has five frames. For those familiar with bowling, this sounds fine, and even shorter than the typical generic bowling game and its frames. However, to those completely foreign to the concept, let us explain, to clear up any confusion. A frame consists of two turns. The lane will have ten pins, and your goal, dear player, is to knock down those ten pins. If you knock down those ten pins down in the first go about, that results in a strike. Strikes are not only the main goal to aim for each round, but result in more points to the score! If you knock down, say six pins the first part of the frame, and then the rest of the four pins in the second part of a frame, that results in a spare. These are good as well! Make it your goal to knock down all of the pins within each frame.


Your aim is to knock down as many pins as possible in two shots per round. There are 5 rounds in each level (remembering there are seven levels.) On the fifth round you have the chance to use three balls not just two. If you have obtained the target score you will move to the next level, if not = Game Over!

In the first level you will need to get 50 points, second is 60, third is 70, forth is 80, fifth is 90, sixth is 100 and the final level is 110 points. Once you reach 110 points you will officially win the game.


Level Points Required
1 50
2 60
3 70
4 80
5 90
6 100
7 110


The chart above illustrates how many points each level requires to progress. Simply getting strikes each time won’t be enough, you’ll need to get power ups and bonuses to get those goal score to win! The Neopoint ratio for this game is about 2.595 points per Neopoint, with 2595 points resulting in 1000 Neopoints.

Each pin is worth a total of 10 points. For example if you were to knock down 5 pins than you would get 5 points. The main way to gain good points is to get a strike– which is you knocking down all the pins on the path ( all 10 pins.) The symbol you will see is an “X“. If you are unable to get all the pins down in one turn but you have a few left and you are able to knock them down next turn you can get a spare. So if you get 6 pins down with the first try and then the rest (4) you will get a spare where a “/” is shown.

There are also bonuses to gather.

Green Diamonds will award you 10 extra points. The Lock gives you 10 points and closes the gutters up next roll. The Ball with spikes will give you 10 extra points and destroys any obstacle in its path for the next roll. The red flag will give you 10 points and knock down all remaining pins. The red and green arrow will give you 10 points and switch the direction of the tracks. The Red and Green Tracks will either speed up (green) and slow down (red) the ball. Finally, the Bomb will explode any obstacles close by and award you with 10 extra points.

Power Ups and Items

  • Gems: Grant ten additional points to the total score.
  • Lock: Grants ten additional points to the total score, as well as raising the bumpers on each opposing side of the lane. This gives a nice barrier to avoid falling into the gutters, and allows for some trick shots!
  • Sun: Grants ten additional points to the total score, as well as have a larger ball to bowl with. A larger ball means more pins can be knocked down, as well as more speed to your throw! Knocking down and destroying obstacles
  • Red Flag: Grants ten additional points to the total score, and provides a speed boost to your ball.
  • Red and Green Arrows: An additional ten points is added to your total score, as well as the tracks being switched within the game.
  • Lit Bomb: Ten points will be granted and added to the total score, as well as any obstacles that are in the way, destroyed.
  • Slot Machine Arrows: These power ups award no points, rather, grant different variances of speed for the bowling ball within the lane. Green tracks give a speed boost of the bowling ball, while red tracks give a gradual slow down to the bowling ball if rolled upon.


Neopets Lost City Lanes Cheats

While there are no codes to help advance you within Lost City Lanes, there are some strategies and tips to follow to not only help get those well looked for Neopoints, but get one of those shiny trophies that we all know and love! To start off with, let’s take focus on the power meter. There’s no real gain to ever shoot from the green zone. Get as red as possible when launching your ball down the lane, to ensure that your bowling ball has enough momentum to make its way down the lane to a strike! If you can get that perfect red zone within the meter, it’s been seen that there’s no need to really adjust the aim from anywhere but the dead center. In addition, from the power ups mentioned above, it’s important to keep in mind that only one power up can be applied to the ball. Speed power ups are useful for gaining momentum, but are also more difficult to control and steer, so always keep the highest of focus on the bowling ball. A large element to the game consists of timing and focus. Remember, dear player, always keep your eyes on the prize.

  • Make sure you jump (use the space bar,) to avoid any of the obstacles.
  •  Try not to go on the green speed tracks if there is a obstacle on the other side, unless you have played and perfected your jump.
  • Try to obtain all the power-ups as most will give you extra points.
  • You can press down arrow to slow the ball down a bit.
  • The perfect score is 150 so try to aim for that. Especially getting strikes on each level.
  • Aiming for the middle of the pins will increase the chance of a strike.

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