Neopets Punchbag Bob

Punchbag Bob is the easiest challenger ever because he never fights back. The problem? He takes about an hour to beat depending on your pet. Punchbag Bob is a default challenger so you don’t have to go anywhere special. Just head over to the One Player Battles and challenge him. Make sure you select your strongest pet! If you have enough patience to beat him, you will recieve a trophy for your lookup.

The Trophy!


Things to keep in mind when beating punchbag bob

Beating punchbag isn’t easy for those who don’t know what they’re doing. No matter how strong your pet or weapons are, you can beat him… eventually.

  • DO NOT go into the battledome with a one time use item. Why? Because since it is one time use, you’ll probably just take off about 20 hit points and have to quit.
  • Take STRONG and GOOD multiple use items. DO NOT take snowballs in with you.
  • Don’t take Elixir into the battle with you. Why? Because he doesn’t fight back therefore you will have no need for them.
  • This may take awhile. Try focusing on just the battle and getting it over with. Yes, that means no MSN conversations. The horror of that!
  • If you ANY abilites, turn them on. If you don’t, get some!


The items we suggest you use when battling punchbag bob

Since you’re about to sit in front of the computer battling away, you should go prepared. I’ve found some cheap items for people to use that will do some good damage.

Item: Rubber Power Axe
Price: 650 NP

Item: Attack Fork
Price: 2 000 NP

Item: Lost Desert Dagger
Price: 15 000 NP

Item: Cobrall Dagger
Price: 1 000 NP


The end note to this wonderful guide

As soon as you beat punchbag bob, you will automatically recieve your trophy – no waiting! The average time for beating punchbag bob is 25 minutes to an hour, so if you completed this task before that time, good job!

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