Neopets Faerie Caverns

Neopets Faerie Caverns is a located in Faerieland, at the bottom of the land that you will be able to visit once per day. Neopets Faerie Caverns will cost you 400 NP to enter and it is a luck-based game.


The imagine shown before is the entrance of the Faerie Caverns. From there, you will be asked to choose your path. If you decide that you’re going to pay 400 NP, you will be able to proceed to the tunnel. After that, you will be asked if you want to go to the left direction or to the right direction. Note that the luck that you find your way is equal for both sides.

Then, if you picked the right direction, you will find another level of the tunnel where you will also have to pick the left side, or the right side.

After that, if you were very lucky and managed to guess correctly both times, a last tunnel will be shown to you and you will have to choose a direction, again. Be very careful though, you’re almost there!

If a message says “You gasp as you enter a room lit with candles. You’ve found the treasure!” then Congratulations, you’ve made it! From there, you will be able to grab your hardly found treasure. The prize is usually between 400 and 2,500 NP. On rare occasions, you will be able to receive 5, 10 or even 25 thousands NP.

If you’re lucky, you may also be able to receive one of the following prizes:

Beautiful Glowing Wings
Faerie Caverns Background
Faerie Caverns Stamp
Faerie Paint Brush

If you fail, however, you will receive one of the following messages:

  • “Curses! The path has lead to a dead end. Perhaps you should try your luck again tomorrow.”
  • “You enter a small chamber and gasp at the beautiful stalagmites… or are they stalactites? You can’t seem to recall. You spend so much time trying to remember that you barely have time to escape the cave before your torch burns out.”
  • “You raise your torch to examine this room, causing the shadows of the vines to move. Your skin prickles as you attempt to convince your imagination that this room isn’t crawling with Wadjets. It’s just the shadow of the vines. It’s just– you lose your nerve and bolt out of the caverns.”
  • “You round a corner and hear a strange noise. It sounds like something large is moving in the darkness in front of you. Perhaps you should retreat… quickly.”
  • “You stumble in the darkness and trip over a rock, stubbing your toe. You jump up and down on one foot, muttering your grievances at the cave before retreating for the day.”
  • “You stumble into some water, soaking your clothes. The cold of the cave chills you to the bone. It’s probably best to escape and dry off, and try again tomorrow.”

Neopets Faerie Caverns Cheats
Battleground of the Obelisk – Cartogriphication Boon

You are currently able to receive the Cartogriphication Boon from the Obelisk War, which will guide your Neopet through the right path of the Faerie Caverns. You can earn it for a limited time when your team wins the war.

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