Neopets Castle Battles

Neopets Castle Battles is a very simple game where you will be playing as a young King Hangan, and your main objective will be to destroy your enemy, young King Skarl’s castle in order to succeed. You will have to destroy his castle in order to grab his treasure before he is able to get yours. Your castle will progress into being more solid the more you go forward in the game. Don’t forget that your opponent’s castle will also get more resistant. If you destroy it, however, before you take the treasure you will be awarded with extra points.

Gameplay & Controls

Use the left mouse button, at the start of the game, to select the castle design you are looking forward. After that use your mouse cursor to drag the golden chest in a location of your choice. Keep in mind that you will have to hide it from your enemy, because once it is successfully hit, you will lose the game. For that reason, you might want to think twice before choosing.

During the game, you will have to use the arrow keys that are located on your keyboard, meaning the left, right, up and down keys. These will be required to select the direction of the fireball to successfully hit Skarl’s Castle. Also, whenever you will fire, you will be able to control the fireball even though it will be in the air. Finally, you can use the space bar to charge the power bar when you are ready to fire.

In Neopets Castle Battles, you will be facing many levels. Each one will be presented with a new castle design. The more you complete levels, the more resistant the castle of your enemy will be. Note that you will also be able to unlock new castles, which means that you might not get a really good score within your first try. You will want to advance in the game to get more points, thus leading to get more resistant castles and more points. Now that you are ready to battle, you will see your castle along with the one of your enemy, meaning baby Skarl’s castle. Somewhere inside of that castle, just like yours, is a treasure chest that you will have to aim at to successfully complete the current level. To do so, you will have to fire cannonballs. It will not be easy during the first round, because the chest will be hidden. So what you have to do is to start destroying the castle or to find it, or to be extremely lucky. You will only have to knock that chest once to be victorious for the current level, but be aware that you will lose the level if Skarl knocks your golden chest. For this reason, you will need a better castle that can be obtained the further you advance in the game.

Scores & Points

During the game, there will be many things that you can hit to get more points. The first ones are the flags, that can be found on or near Skarl’s castle. If you manage to knock the red or blue flags, you will get a total bonus of 10 points when the level ends. If you are able to knock off the golden flag, you will then be granted a total of 12 points when your turn ends along with a bonus power up. The next things that can give you points are the blocks. When you successfully knock these off from Skarl’s castle, you will get points after every turn. The points you will get are not determinable because they will depend on how much the block gets displaced. However, completely knocking one off will get you 7 points, which means that this is the maximum. When you finish the level, you will also be awarded with more points for the total damage you will have done to Skarl’s castle. The last thing and the most important one is the treasure chest. If you are successfully able to knock it off the square that is colored, you will earn a total of 50 points when the level end. If you are able to knock it during your first shot, a 10 point bonus will be awarded to you.

As seen before, you will be able to hit a golden flag. Now, you might want to get more information about it. Its location is unknown, but hitting it will be what you should be looking after. It will give you more points along with a power up that can be used during your next times you will fire. Whenever you shoot, the bonus will make your fireball much more larger than normal, which will result in you doing more damage to your opponent and getting more points. You will also be able to demolish Skarl’s castle much more faster to knock off his treasure chest. It will almost one hundred percent guarantee that you will be able to hit something to get more points when you have that bonus. Make sure you do not think this is the suppercannonball cheat that will be described in the cheats section, because that cannonball is a completely different one.

Neopets Castle Battles Strategy & Cheats

Basically, in this game, you can make up the strategy you want. There are few that can be provided and later you will see a guide given accordingly to each of the castles. Once per game, type “supercannonball” to get a giant cannonball, which will demolish almost all the castle of your opponent and it will be very strong, resulting in serious damage. One fire will be sufficient to destroy all the castle of your opponent, or almost, if you are able to aim with decent skills. The intelligence of your opponent, Skarl, will vary depending the level your currently at. During the first level, he will almost be “blind”, meaning that even if you put your chest in a visible place, he will not go after it in the most part. For that reason, try to demolish all of his castle to get the maximum possible points before hitting his treasure chest. You will be able to get over a hundred points if you do this. Always choose a more resistant castle, but to do so you will have to advance further in the game. You should worry more about the points and less about your castle, because it will be rebuilt once you hit the 1,000 points mark. Put your chest behind blocks to hide it from Skarl when you finish the current level, so that you can minimize the risk of losing the game. Finally, you can fire at the towers with your first shot so that can get the flag down and getting a global idea about the location of the chest. Below is a guide, respectively for each castle for you to follow. There will be also few key words for each block so that you can get better idea of the game language.

The Flag: The only time the flags are useful is when you have one set in front of your golden treasure chest.
The Battlement: Blocks that can be found from the top towers.
The Lintel: These are flat blocks that are near the door block.
Walls: Obviously blocks that will constitute the walls of your respective castle.
Door: The door is not really a door and it is probably easier to go through than an actual wall, but this wooden door is what will be in front of your castle.

Know your Castles

The first castle will be made out of three walls, four towers, 2 battlements and 4 flags. It is a basic castle that can break pretty much easily and it is not that resistant. If you have more castles, this is not a recommended choice.

The second castle is a large, green one that has one door, four flags, 4 battlements, 1 lintel and 9 walls. It is a little more resistant than the first one and therefore, more recommended when you first start playing. Because of its higher number of blocks, it is a better choice than the one before.

The third castle hard one door, four flags, 2 battlements, 1 lintel, two towers and 16 walls. It is a recommended castle when you get the good number of points because of the number of blocks it has, concentrated in a small area. Because of this, you should pick it whenever you have the opportunity.

The fourth castle has one door, six walls, four flags, 5 battlements, one lintel and five towers. Even if the walls are not composed of a high number of blocks, the vertical lines contain many, making this castle a good choice to go after.

The fifth castle is made of 15 walls, four flags, four battlements and eighth towers. This castle is the best choice you can actually make. Even if there are seven different castles, this is the one you should go after whenever it is possible. The worst thing that can happen to it is when a cannonball hit the right spot and demolishing it, because it is not that expanded. However, because of the various amount of blocks, horizontally or vertically, this castle takes number one.

The sixth castle is a nice little one that is even smaller than the one above, that has a total of eighth walls, four flags, four battlements and four towers. It is relatively good, but not as the fifth one.

The last castle, number seven, is made out of fifteen walls, two battlements and four flags. It is pretty useless as it is just made by one line and looks like a wall. Only one fire is required to destroy it completely. For that reason, this is not recommended if you’re seriously playing and going after a high score or after a trophy.

Treasure Chest Strategies

For the first level, the treasure chest of Skarl can only be found in one place, in the middle of his castle. This is the easiest level, also because Skarl’s intelligence will be tiny. For that reason, you can get more points by destroying his castle.

During the second level, the treasure chest of your opponent will be able to be found in five different places, meaning behind the door, at the complete left, at the complete right, at the left of the door and at its right. Most of the time, the front right is where the treasure chest is hidden.

When you are playing the third level, try using the “supercannonball” cheat to demolish this castle within the first shot. Even if the treasure chest is located on the middle of it, it is most likely going to take you a good amount of time because the castle itself is concentrated in a small place, meaning it will take more efforts to be destroyed.

The fourth level will also have the treasure chest located on its center, behind the door. Start by knocking out the door so that you can knock the treasure chest easily afterward.

The fifth level is the level that will cause you the more trouble. It is by far the hardest castle you will have to destroy. You will have to know how you’re firing. You do not want to bring some blocks on the treasure, because you will then be really regretting it. The treasure chest will be almost unattainable then.

The sixth level is where the treasure will be the easiest to find. Because the sixth castle is upside down and because the treasure chest of your opponent will be located in the middle of the casstle, you will be able, within one shot, if fired correctly, to make fire it under the castle to knock off the treasure chest and then instantly finish the level.

The seventh level is probably the easiest one if you know what to look after. Put the maximum strength in your fireball and knock off the wall. This way, the blocks will go as far as possible and you will be able to get the treasure chest, after that.

Now that you know everything about the game, go destroy some castles!

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