Neopets Ugga Drop

Neopets Ugga Drop is a game located in tyrannia. Tyrannian have a passion for jumping off the cliffs they encounter. This is why Neopets Ugga Drop will have its crew ready to start using parchutes. Yes, you will be jumping off cliffs and using parachutes. A game? Probably not. It’s a competition. Bring the necessary.


At the beginning of the game, even if you will not have the opportunity to chose, you will be assigned with one of five tyrannian characters to play as. These characters are respectively a Kacheek, a Wocky, a Scorchio, a Meerca and an Usul. Rest your mind, the character has no influence on your total score because it is “heavier” or anything else. It is only the look. All of them will be controlled in by the same way and once you start the game, their actual order will follow to your last level. So it is a good idea to restart until you find a certain order you like. As some positions are more advantageous than others, you will have to verify what suits you the best. Whenever the Meerca or the Usul Is positioned directly above the mud, it is a good sign. Four levels are available in this game where each one contains five rounds. That’s right, 5 x 4 = 20 total rounds. As mentioned before, it is a competition. So the point is to land first. If you manage to safely land on the ground, you will earn a nice first place. The second person to safely land will get the second place and so on. Considering there is only five members, you wouldn’t want to be third, fourth or fifth. Try to stay number one, and on few occasions, if you were having a hard time, number two.

Game Controls

You will see a counter before each round. In order to play, you will have to press the space bar located on your keyboard. This will let you jump off the cliff. Note that you will have to wait the “Go!” message to appear because if you press the space bar too early, you will not jump too early. It will be counted as a false start and you will be penalized by losing points of your total count. 200 points will be deducted from your total count. Be careful and patient. So press as fast as you can once you see the “Go!” message. When you are in the process of falling, the right arrow key and the left arrow key will be useful to move and collect tokens that will be found in the air. It is also good to use these arrows to position yourself for landing. Sometimes, it will happen to jump into another jumper then becoming at their level or behind them, which is not to your advantage. It is rare but sometimes you will be above them really slightly but don’t think you have won because on many occasions they will try to push you upwards. In many occasions, it plays in their favor. Be careful to not jump on them, actually. So once you are nearing the bottom of the level, you will have to press the space bar another time to deploy your parachute and make a soft and smooth landing. Be sure that there is enough (not too enough) space between you and the ground. If you are really close to it, then you will make a brute landing meaning not favorable. That said, when your parachute is released, you will not be able to use the arrow keys anymore. Only release it when you are one hundred percent certain that the ground under your foots is completely suitable for a land.

Game Screen

The above picture gives you a global idea of the game. Basically, at the top you have the score, you will only have three lives (you can not earn additional lives) and you will see your current level along with the round number you’re currently at. At the mid top it will tell you your current place when landing. It goes from 1st to 5st. At the bottom right you will be able to see the number of tokens you have successfully collected during the time you were in the air.

Make sure to not land on the mud. You will have to land on the rocks at the bottom of the level. Because if you do so or if you decide to open your parachute too late and make a brute crash, you will lose a life and you will have to restart the current round. Having the 5th place does not help you from not losing a life. Your placement doesn’t matter so be careful when landing. Again, no mud and no brute lands. You only have three precious lives and once they are lost, the game ends.

Multiple Upgrades

As said earlier, tokens can be collected when you are making a land. They are used to purchase upgrades when the level has ended. All tokens that will be found in the level will award you with 10 to your wallet and it will be displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen. The tokens are not necessarily all collected from the air, you can receive free tokens depending on how well you have placed in the said round. Being first will give you the most tokens possible and this is why you should focus at it and to try to not really pay attention to those who are in the floating. If they are in your way, then sure, grab them but if they are too far it is not worth it as you will lose the first place and even more tokens than you could have possibly grabbed. If you are always first, you will always have enough tokens to buy all the upgrades and by the end of level three, all of the upgrades will be bought. Two types of upgrades are available for you at the price of 500 tokens and they can be upgraded three times, meaning 3000 total tokens will be needed in order to reach its maximum level. That means 3000 x 2 = 6000. You will need 6000 tokens. If you always score first or second, this should not be a problem for you. It is not recommended to accumulate the tokens and to be greedy about it. The best thing you can do is to buy both of the upgrades whenever you are able to purchase them. This way there will be no huge difference between your skill level, and your opponents skill level. There is no secret, you just have to upgrade or you will be losing a great advantage.

Slime  This slimy upgrade will increase your speed

Draw This bone upgrade will increase your parachute release speed

Game Scores

Having a lot of tokens or pushing your opponents will not be useful for earning points. Points will be earned depending of your game placement for each respective round. If you come first, you will get most points while coming 5th will grant you 0 points. Jumping off the cliff too early (before the “Go!” message) will result in a deduction of 200 points of your total count. Your objective is to be first, not to get tokens. This is very important to remember. This game is a little special because if you’re first at every round (no, it is not that hard. With some training you will easily be able to master the game) you will be able to achieve 40,000 points. These points are the maximum possibly attainable in the game. It is actually possible by using two of your lives and getting 3rd and 4th place the correct number of times to earn yourself 42,600 points. Know that there is no use to do this because these scores are always rejected and you will gain nothing from doing it. Stick with your 40,000 points. The first 100 people to achieve this score during the month will appear on the high score table and will be awarded with a shiny golden trophy. This is exactly why this game is “special”. With quite a few tries, you will be able to get that shiny trophy. For this dream to come true, you will have to score first place in all the 20 rounds. Do not spend more energy than you should because you do not want to get over 40,000 points because it is useless.


So basically the first place will award you with 2000 points and 200 tokens to your total count. The second place will grant you 1000 points and will result in 100 tokens being added to your total count. Third place gives you 500 points and adds 50 tokens to your total count. Fourth place gives you very low points, meaning 100 and 10 tokens that are pretty much useless. Finally, the last place gets you nothing.

Neopets Ugga Drop Tips & Cheats

Everytime you are able to make an upgrade, do it. Do not wait as it will not help you. Get both of the upgrades, not just one of them if you want a good advantage. Do not start before you see the “Go!” message, otherwise you will lose 200 precious points. Also, do not go after tokens, the ones that you will be granted for being first are more than enough. Even if you’re not first, try to come as second so you can get tokens instead of going after them. First place is worth five hundred tokens and is perfect for your needs. Lastly, avoid bumping your opponents unless they are a threat because the game will become riskier and you will risk losing your spot. You do not want that.

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