Neopets Wingoball

Everyone one has a favourite hobby they love to do. Some neopets read books, or collect plushies, some even try their hand at fighting in the battledome. But some others prefer to spend their spare time rolling red bouncy balls between potted plants and landing trick shots off of garden gnomes. In Wingoball, you become that Neopet with the quirky pastime.

For every 2.04 points you earn in Wingoball, you will earn 1 neopoint.


Wingoball Basic Instructions

In Wingoball you are playing as arm of a blue mynci, holding a red ball. The object of the game is get the red ball to pass the green line on the right side of the screen. Sounds simple right? Well it would be if there wasn’t a bit more to the game. To get to that side of the line you will have to perform various trick shots like bouncing the ball off walls, plants,  and green-hatted gnomes, all the while avoiding red-hatted gnomes you will steal your ball, making you start over. Oh and did I mention there was a time limit of 30 seconds per level? The good news is you have an unlimited amount of throws each round for those 30 seconds. But, if you run out of time on a level, the game will end. If you complete the level by rolling the red ball over the line, you will move onto the next. There are a total of 25 levels in Wingoball, and each level will have a varying degree of difficulty.

Wingoball Controls

The controls in this game consists of the mouse. You move the mouse up and down inside the playing area to angle the position of your shot. Once you find your desired angle, simply left click to shoot the ball, and watch it go! (hopefully to the finish line.)

Wingoball Scoring

There are two ways to earn points in Wingoball. The first is a time bonus for finishing each level in a timely manner. For every second left on the clock at the end of each level, you will earn one points (15 seconds left=15 in-game points). However, this does not mean you should just try blowing through all the levels in hopes of finishing quickly, because the second way to earn points is by throwing only one ball per level. If your first ball crosses the line, you will earn an additional 25 points, plus your time bonus, for that level.

To achieve the highest score possible, speed and extreme accuracy are necessary. Knowing EXACTLY where to shoot and when to shoot are vital in this game. See the “Wingoball Level Solutions” portion of this guide to learn where to aim your cursor in order to solve each level.

Wingoball Cheats

  • Red-hatted gnomes will steal your ball-best to avoid them
  • Green-hatted gnomes, plants, and the sides of the map will cause your ball to bounce off them
  • You earn 25 points for completing a level with only one ball
  • You will be able to reference this guide on where to position your cursor before starting each level
  • Position your cursor on the map before starting the level to save precious time
  • Do not be scared if the potted plants on the level solutions look different from yours, the imagery will change, but aim will not!

Wingoball Level Solutions

Below is a table of all 25 levels, that shows you an approximation of WHERE to click (shown in the circle of the black mouse cursor on each picture). Please note these pictures are not guaranteed to show exactly WHEN to click, and slight variation of where the actual “sweet spot” is may occur. It may take some time to get used to exactly where you should click, just remember, practice makes perfect!


Straight and true, get to clicking!


This is where bouncing off the walls comes into play.


Here gnomes are introduced, just wait until they are not walking in front of you, and fire away.


Wait until the path is clear of gnomes, and then click!


Here are those dreaded red-hatted gnomes. Best to avoid them.


Wait until the red gnomes are either firmly at the top or the bottom and then click.


This level is difficult, you are unlikely to clear it using only 1 ball. Your aim is key here.


Wait until a clear shot appears and then click.


Wait until the green gnomes begin walking downward, and then fire.


Wait until a gap appears in the column of gnomes, and then fire.


Aim low, with your cursor a bit to the right of the center of gnomes.


Slight variation of your cursor can cause your ball to bounce differently.

Wait until the gnomes are walking upwards from the bottom of the screen to throw.


This is a timing level. The red-hatted gnomes will form a “gate” when the two lines come together.

Throw the ball when the gate it closed, and by the time it gets there the gate will be open.


Throw the ball when the gnomes are halfway to the top of the screen.


No gnomes, but if your aim is off, the ball will reverse directions and cost you precious time!


The gnomes are stationary, as long as your aim isn’t too low, you should have no trouble!


A tricky level, all based on timing and luck of how the gnomes will move. Good luck!


Luck and timing once again! If you’re good, you can aim the ball straight through the two lines.


Quite simple, just bounce the ball off the corner of the pot. Variation will occur based on aim.


Slight variation will occur depending on how your shot is aimed.


Wait to throw until the gnomes are in the lower half of the screen.


Purely timing! Wait until the gnomes are all on one side of the screen until you throw.


This level seems difficult, but is rather fairly simple. Align your cursor with the top of the plant.

Wait until the left column of gnomes starts to move upwards, and then throw.


All about aim. Wait until the green-hatted gnomes have moved from the top of the screen and throw.


Hardest level yet. Wait until the green gnome is in just the right position, and then click.

If done properly, the ball will bounce off him and go around the red gnomes.

If you can do this level in one ball, then your a true Wingoball champ!


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