Neopets Grumpy Old King

To win this game, simply tell the King a funny joke! Using the sets of words provided, you need to enter both a question and answer to your joke, before going off to try it on King Skarl. You can play this game twice a day. The King also takes breaks three times a day. You won’t be able to find him from 8-9 a.m. NST, 1-2 p.m. NST and 7-8 p.m. NST.

Grumpy Old King Cheats

This game is completely random. Don’t waste you time pondering on entering logical jokes and answers, as it just doesn’t matter. Since you’re allowed to play the game twice a day and because the game is random, it’s easier to just refresh on King Skarl’s reaction page and retell your original joke than going back to make up a whole new one, but you can if you want. Prizes for making the King laugh can range from items to a random amount of neopoints. There are a few items that are only available from this game however:

  • Bowl of Yuck
  • Chicken Leg Wing
  • Golden Stalk
  • Hot Crossed Buns
  • King Skarls Snowbunny
  • Morris Plushie
  • Royal Cheese Bread
  • Skarl Collectable Charm
  • Skarl Fruit
  • Skarl Kebab
  • Skarl Royal Crown
  • Skarl Royal Shield
  • Skarl Royal Flag
  • Snargan Plushie
  • Tail Bone

Grumpy Old King Avatars and Trophies

Blumaroo Court Jester

The gracious King Skarl offers two avatars to be won, if your joke is up to par. The first is “Blumaroo – Court Jester.” To win this avatar, you have to enter this specific joke: “What do you do if fierce Peophins has eaten too much tin of olives?” The answer to the joke can be anything and to achieve the avatar, the King must laugh hysterically. Unfortunately, this is still random because sometime the King will not laugh at all at this joke. This avatar is considered the harder to win of the two.

Skarl - Moody

The second avatar is awarded when you are thrown out of the castle for telling the King a bad joke. In response to your joke, the King will decree “Leave my kingdom now! *Grrrrrrrr*” and you will be awarded the “Skarl – Moody” avatar.


If you’re extremely lucky, you might make the King laugh hard enough to end up on the high score table, which could land you a shiny trophy. The easiest way to attempt a trophy is just to be sure to play the daily on the first of the month when trophy scores reset.  

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