Neopets Petpages

All pets in Neopia get a homepage… and on this page you can edit that homepage, add and remove content, and tell your friends about it. Click on the view button to view the pages, and click on the edit button to edit them. It’s that simple!

Go to Pet Central and click on Petpages.


Edit your petpage.
View what your petpage looks like.
See how many people have visited your petpage.
If you spend a lot of time and effort on your petpage, you could win a trophy in Site Spotlight.


This is where you can edit the HTML that makes up your pet’s page. Bear in mind the following rules:

  • The page will have a Neopets header on it at all times
  • Please try and keep to the spirit of Neopets!
  • No obscene or otherwise offensive images and/or text please
  • TEXT_AREA will change to TEXTAREA allowing you to use these tags!
  • #PHOTO is the name of the image to link to for a photo
  • #NAME will display your pet’s name
  • #OWNER will display your user name
  • #OWNERLOOKUP will display your user name as a link to your user profile
  • #HOURS will display how many hours old your pet is
  • #LEVEL will display the level of your pet
  • #VISITOR will display the name of your visitor (if they are logged into Neopets)
  • #STRENGTH will display your pet’s strength
  • #MOVE will display your pet’s speed/movement rate
  • #DEFENCE will display your pet’s defence rating
  • #MAX_HP will display your pet’s maximum hit points
  • #CURRENT_HP will display your pet’s current hit points
  • #INTELLIGENCE will display your pet’s IQ
  • #BD_PLAYED will display # games played in the Battledome
  • #BD_WON will display the number of matches your pet has won
  • #BD_LOST will display the number of matches your pet has lost
  • #BD_DRAWN will display the number of drawn matches
  • #BD_SCORE will display your pet’s Battledome Score

If you need some help with your pet’s page or your shop, why not check out the Neopets HTML guide? You don’t need to know anything about editing web pages and by the end of the guide you should be able to create a cool Web page that looks exactly how you want it to.

Reset Page to Default – *** WARNING *** If you press the Reset button, you will lose ALL your changes and it will revert back to the basic template. Do this only if you want to start again!

That large text box on the edit page is where you put your petpage. You can find cool petpages already credit from many neopets help sites (if you go our Website Layouts page under graphics, we have some available), or you can make on yourself!

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