Neopets Volcano Run II


Volcano Run
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Difficulty: Hard
Category: Action
Related Avatars: Score 3500+

NP Ratio: 33NP: 100PT

Tips: Type “lava” to gain a protective shield/bubble.



A basic overview of the game

You play Glubgar, a Tyrannian Scorchio, who travel into a volcanic tunnel. You need to help guide him through the tunnel safely. You can only make Glubgar go up and down with the the left mouse button. Click on the button to go up, and release to go down. The space bar is your brake or slow down control. It might take a bit of time to get used to the way he moves so have a few practices before you submit your score. The game starts as soon as you hit that button so don’t expect any time to take in your surroundings.While traveling through the tunnel, you’ll come across some crystals. They are usually in a line of three crystals. Collect one of these and score 20 points. In the game there are also blue bubbles. Collect one these and you will have a protective shield around you. Once you hit the walls, rocks, or fiery bombs the shield will disapper but you will stay unharmed.


Here are the controls to the game…
  • ‘Left’ Mouse Button to travel/fly up, and release the button to travel/fall down
  • Space bar to slow down


A list of things that get in your way

There are several obstacles in the way. Here are the obstacles:

  • Rocks – Don’t crash into these or you will lose
  • Moving Blocks – These blocks of rocks move up and down
  • Fiery Bombs – These little fire bombs shoot out once in a while
  • Tunnel Walls – Avoid the volanic tunnel’s walls, for they can scorch you.
  • Clouds – Be careful around this obstacle. Flying into a cloud will slow you down temporarily.


Little things to help make your game easier
  • Keep your hands on the keys at all times. If you don’t, Glubgar will slowly fall down and you will probably crash into the wall and lose.
  • Use the space bar. The space bar won’t make you stop. It will only slows you down. It comes in hand when you want to dodge a rock.
  • Always try to get the blue crystals, for they will help add points to your score.

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