Neopets Poogle Racing

Neopets Poogle Racing is a widely loved activity for the residents of Faerieland– and it can be for you too, if you choose to participate! Poogle Racing is similar to its real life counterpart, pig racing. Thus, it is not difficult at all to play. All you need to do is make a bet and cheer on your chosen Poogle!

Introduction to Poogle Racing

Firstly, it is important to note that Poogle Racing does not happen whenever you want it to. Races are started every 15 minutes, so therefore, there will be a race at :00, :15, :30, and :45 past the hour.

The Poogles

poogle1  Poogle 1: Poogle 1 is a fan favorite, as it tends to win a lot of races. He keeps up with the rest of the Poogles, but slows down during the end of the race and does not accelerate over hurdles like the rest of the contenders do. Many people like to feed him fresh foods to keep him going, but remember that luck has to be on your side regardless! He is quick and agile, which means he has the lowest odds out of the rest of the Poogles. However, just because of these tips, he isn’t guaranteed to win at all. If it’s your first time and you haven’t chosen a personal favorite, this is probably the choice for you! Odds- 3:1

poogle2 Poogle 2: My personal favorite, Poogle 2 is able to push ahead like Poogle 1, but does not tire out as easily. This Poogle has good speed and endurance and is fast to jump over the hurdles. He can get distracted by cheering and food, so try not to feed him or cheer! It may seem cruel, but maybe he just likes to focus! This Poogle’s odds are decent, meaning that he can potentially win any race. It is recommended to bet on this Poogle if you want a fair chance of winning NP from the races. Odds- 4:1

poogle3 Poogle 3: Poogle 3 always runs fairly quickly, enough to get him into second or third place almost every time. Unlike Poogle 2, this guy benefits from lots of food and encouragement. Don’t hold back on cheering for him- he loves it! He’s slow on acceleration, but once he gets more into the races, he runs quickly. He usually loses all his speed on the jump, but if you cheer enough he can sometimes just go fast enough to win. If you have the time to cheer on this Poogle and can provide encouragement, he is a solid pick. Odds- 5:1

poogle4 Poogle 4: Poogle 4 is getting old- that much is obvious. He isn’t as fast as he probably was in his “glory days”, but he still occasionally wins! Don’t bet on Poogle 4 if you’re looking for a decent chance at a win, however. Just because he has a chance doesn’t mean it’s a good one! He’s generally slow to run and slow to accelerate, and very clumsy over hurdles. Support your elders day? You’re in luck! Odds- 7:1

poogle5 Poogle 5: …. … .. mmph? Huh? Did you say something? Oh yeah, Poogle 5. That one. Poogle 5 doesn’t have the word “exercise” in his dictionary, and it really shows! He’s the outlier of the rest of the contestants, and you’d have to be crazy to bet on him. Sure, he may win once in a while, but his losses overshadow his wins completely. Huh.. where is he going? Back to his nap? Yeah, that tells a lot….. Odds- 9:1


You can start to bet on your chosen Poogle ten minutes before the race starts. If your internet connection isn’t the best, it is advisable to bet a few minutes before the race starts rather than sooner. If the race starts and your bet doesn’t go through in time, you’ll lose your Neopoints! When you’ve made your decision of who to support, click the Go to Betting Page button.


On the betting screen, you will have the option to choose a Poogle from a list of 5. Based on the list prior to this, you should have chosen a Poogle from the list. Although some may have better odds, it is ultimately your own choice, since they all have a chance.


Your first button, Pick-a-Poogle, is where you can choose your Poogle. The next box allows you to leave a bet, up to 300 NP. The final dropdown menu allows you to choose from 3 foods in your inventory to give the Poogle. These treats are said to help your Poogle run faster.

The Race

Now that you’ve placed your bet, it’s time to wait for the race! Exit out of the bookkeeper and refresh until the time comes for the race to start! Don’t worry if your connection is slow- you can still view a re-run of the race 5 minutes after it starts.


And they’re off! This is the race screen, after a few sport-like cutscenes are shown. You can also opt out of hearing the sound effects for a faster loading screen.

Let’s take a look at all the buttons on your screen. On top, there are indicators of which Poogle is in first, second, third, fourth, or fifth. It isn’t too important to pay attention to these unless two of the Poogles are very close together, as shown on the example screen. To the right of these indicators, you can view the time in seconds and distance in meters.

Underneath the screen are the buttons that you can interact with, the cheer buttons! As you would imagine, it is only recommended to cheer for the Poogle you chose. What’s the use in cheering on their opponent to win? Technically, the cheering buttons don’t do anything, as the races are predetermined (come on Neopets, rigging your races too?), but if you want to cheer for luck, go for it!

Once the Poogles are done racing, the winner will stand up and dance, and the screen will cut to the trophy screen.

Screenshot (318)

The winning Poogle will be standing on top, with the second-place Poogle to his left, and the third place Poogle to his right. Don’t let the numbers on the pedestals fool you! These are the numbers of the Poogles themselves, not the places that they came in.

If your Poogle didn’t win, don’t be discouraged, there’s another race in 15 minutes! It’s purely based on luck. If they did, congrats! Click the button below the race to collect your earnings from the Scorchio. If you don’t feel like watching the whole race, you can also click this button before the race starts and collect your earnings that way.


pooglewinner It is possible to win an avatar from the races. You get this avatar if your Poogle wins.


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