Neopets Battledome Abilities

Neopets Battledome Abilities are what can be used in the Battledome to get an extra boost in addition to strength and defence. While some of the abilities will be expensive, you will be given the chance to overcome your opponents by learned many of them, depending on the level of your pet. Neopets Battledome Abilities will also put your pet into a good position when it comes to 2-player battles.

What you should know

Neopets Faerie Abilities are a replacement of the old Faerie Bottles which were used in the Battledome. Weak Bottled Faeries will give you from one to two points of their element. The elements that can be found are Light, Fire, Dark, Air, Water and Earth. You will be able to give various Faerie Bottles to your pet(s) to get them ready for battles. Depending on the level of your pet, you will be given three abilities to choose from, for each section of level. If you purchase an ability (with the faerie tokens) then change your mind later, it will be possible, but it will cost you half the tokens you would have spend for the current level.

When you’re in a battle, you will be presented with another box that is located near your weapons. Click on it to see your abilities and decide whether or not you would want to use them in that specific turn. The higher the level of your pet, the more Abilities the box will contain. Depending on the particular ability, they can be multiple use or a one use only. Most of the higher abilities will be so strong that they will be only available once per battle or even once per day.

Finally, you can purchase Weak Faerie Bottles through the Shop Wizard at some pretty reasonable prices, or receive them as a reward after battling some BD challengers.

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