Neopets Snowbeast Snackrifice


You may have fought the Snow beat in the Battle-dome but have you ever wondered what he is doing when you are not fighting him? That is right! He is eating Petpets! In this game you are the villager in the middle of the screen. You  control the character with your mouse and hurl Petpets into the cave.


To move your character just move your mouse. That will move you left or right. You can see that the other two villages either side of you are throwing the Petpets back and forth your objective is to hit the petpets into the cave by clicking on your mouse. To increase your throwing power you need to press down on the left hand side of your mouse and you will see the meter gauge down the bottom increase from yellow to dark red. It takes less than 1 second holding it to be at maximum strength. If you keep your finger on the mouse it will start back at yellow so make sure you time it right.

You need to move your character to where the petpet is in front of you so that you can push it into the cave. You need to have a strong enough push that it goes straight in, not too soft or it wont make it so make it hard as you can so it can go straight in that cave.

On your screen you have a time limit as well. Make sure you keep and eye on that timer. The more your progress through the levels the more Petpets you need to throw to the Snow beast and the less time you would have.

You can see that there is Chia in the way after stage 1. He is apart of the Petpet Protection League so he is trying to stop you from throwing those delicious looking Petpets into the Snow beats cave. You must do so to move onto the next level.

How to score

Every petpet that goes into the cave get you points. The more power you use, the quicker the points will add up and the more points you will receive. You need the Petpets to land in the cave though. No points will be awarded if they are hit too soft or land outside of the cave. Standing straight on it very helpful in this situation. Remember as well that you do have a time limit so do stand there too long waiting for the Petpet to go where you are. You may have to move a little bit too.

Once you get your quota of petpets you are able to throw more into the cave if you have time and if there are Petpets still flying across your screen. These are worth getting if you are aiming for the Gold Trophy.


Like it was mentioned earlier there will be PPL members trying to block your view of the cave. If you hit one you do not get a point towards the general goal. You need to avoid them so movement is vital once you have more than one PPL member in front of your goal. The PPL members will move left and right as well so you do need to practice trying to get it in and dodging them.  If you hit one of the PPL members then they are unable to move for a short period of time. This is your time to attack. So if you stun one, especially in the early levels- start aiming right and you will be able to complete the levels easily.

Special Movement

There is an opportunity for your character to flip out/ go berserk. You need to land three “perfect” shots on maximum throwing power ( which is the meter being filled the whole entire way) then you will be able to throw all petpets at maximum strength. You do not need to get them three times in a row. This awesome trick will carry over from one level to the next.

Level Breakdown

In Stage 1 there are 5 Petpets and no PPL members. This is a perfect time to start practicing those throws especially if you are new to this game. In Stage 2 there are 10 Petpets and one PPL member. He is right at the back and generally moves slowly from one side to the other. Sometimes though he can move left then a little to the right and then left again. So just keep an eye out for that as well.  In the 3rd Stage you have to let the Snow beast have 20 Petpets and you will have 2 PPL members in front of you. The 4th and final one requires you to get 30 Petpets to the Snow beast and while you are trying to do that in the time limit you will also have 3 PPL members stopping you.

One Final Thing…

To get a high score just keep putting those petpets in the cave. If you have beaten the number of Petpets needed to advance to the next level just keep going. Practice those perfect shots as well because when you get the Kyrii to Berserk you increase your chances of obtaining more points which are needed for that Gold Trophy.

With the first two levels practice aiming.

In the 3rd and 4th level it is suggested that you go bersek yourself with the throwing. If you knock down the PPL members quickly then you will have more chance to get the Petpets in with no one in your way.

Make sure you keep and eye on that clock!

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