Neopets Dueling Decks

In Neopets Dueling Decks you will be against  Zenco. He has been playing Neopets Dueling Decks for a long time. Will you beat him?

About Neopets Dueling Decks

This is an extremely fun and addictive game. There are three levels Easy, Normal and Hard. Even if you are new to this game and have never played it, always choose Hard so that you are able to get that trophy.

This game is very straight forward and one that is half luck and half skills. Luck based- what cards you first get and Skill- to memorise what cards you have remaining and in what order and what order and cards remaining Zenco has.
You will have a card in front of you and so will Zenco. The game will start off with your picking a category out of  Courage, Charisma and intelligence and see who has the higher number.

How to play Neopets Dueling Decks

Even the controls are simple. All you need is your mouse to press which category you would like try and beat Zenco at. After you pick what level of the game you want. Once again it is suggested you start with hard.
(Note: The hard level gives you more points than the other two.)
The difference really is- On easy you choose for Zenco andyou know that you will win but it will take a VERY long time for you to get anywhere near the bronze trophy score. The normal levels lets you influence Zenco’s choose by “Choosing” where he will pick and Hard is where he will pick instead.
There is also a wild card that you can use in this game. Only use it in a very tight situation.

Scoring for Each Mode

Just a quick run down about each mode’s scoring so you can pick which one you would rather try to get the avatar on. By the end of this you should be picking Hard.

Easy: When you win the first time you will get 25 ponts.
Normal: When you win this one first  you will get 50 points.
Hard: You guessed it! First time you will get 100 points.

When the Highscores are over 40,000 points it is much easier trying in Hard, but the choice is up to you.

Your Screen

In this hand Zenco would win as Intelligence was chosen and you had a card that only had 40 points compared to Zenco’s 101 points.

Firstly, if you look and see where those five green cards are up the top on the left hand side (next to the ‘Score’)- that shows you your point meter. Every time you win in a row your points go up quicker, once you get five in a row you get bonus points. When you lose a hand it goes back down to zero points bonus.

Next to that one is your score. So currently on the screen is 64,600 points. You will start off with 0 points and work your way up from that.

Play Wildcard” as mentioned before this should only be played in tight situations where you know you are going to lose. When you press it you will activate Nightsteed he has very high points on each of the categories. Do not play him at the start of the game but when you are about to lose.

The card that is being held by the red hand is your current card. That is the card that you will try to win with. Each card that you have will contain different category numbers. They can range from 1- 16 for both Courage and Charisma and from 5-162 for Intelligence.

Down the bottom where it has the word “You,” that is how many cards you currently have. So on this screen You have 11 while Zenco has 9. The aim of the game is to get him down to 0 cards but only when you have enough points for one of these trophies.     


Down the bottom on the middle of the screen there are images of what seems to be an open hand of cards. This is where your tied card pot is. So when you and Zenco tie in a hand those two cards go there and  who ever wins after that will win those two cards as well.

Both of you will start off with 10 cards each. The first person to have all cards will win.

The Cards and What You Should Pick

Suggested is Courage for Brucey. Suggested is Intelligence for Bruno.  Suggested is Courage for #2 Bruno.


Suggested is  Courage for Scarblade.    Suggested is Courage for Tuan.  Suggested is Courage for Gormos.

Suggested is Charisma for the Collector.   Suggested is Courage for Cylara.    Suggested is Intelligence for Sloth.


Suggested is Courage for Eliv.       Suggested is Charisma for Fyora.        Suggested is Charisma for Garin.

Play a wildcard or Intelligence for Gorix.    Suggested is Charisma for Hannah.     Suggest is Charisma for Illusen.


Suggested for Isca is Charisma.       Suggested for Ixi is Courage.    Suggested for Jaques is Charisma.

uggested for Jhudora is Charisma.    Suggested for Judge is Courage.    Suggested for Kauvara is Courage.

uggested for Kelbeard is Intelligence.    Suggested for Snarl is Charisma.    Suggested for Lisha is Intelligence.

uggested for Magax is Courage.    Suggested for Magnus is Charisma.    Suggested for Brothers is Charisma.

Suggested for Mynci is Charisma.  Suggested for Prince is Charisma.  Suggested for Roothless is Intelligence.

uggested for Rufus is Charisma.   Suggested for Sophie is Intelligence.   Suggested for Techno is Intelligence.

Suggested for Tor is Courage.         Suggested for Torakar is Courage.       Suggested for Torshac is Courage.

uggested for Vira is Charisma.        Suggested for Werther is Charisma.        Suggested for Ylana is Courage.

           Suggested for Zafara is Charisma.             Suggested for Nightsteed is Charisma.

Neopets Dueling Decks Cheats

You need to play on Hard mode for that Trophy.
To get maximum points you must let Zenco win on purpose when he is almost out of cards (three cards maximum to his name.)
Keep the game going so do not win but also do not lose.
Write down where the cards have gone and in what order. Then you should be able to counter attack or lose if needed.

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