Neopets Darigan Dodgeball

In Neopets Darigan Dodgeball you are playing for survival. Neopets Darigan Dodgeball allows you to play as a Darigan Kiko in Darigan Citadel.

How to Play 

All you need is your mouse! And time… lots of time.

You will be dragging the Kiko around your screen until you are hit by one of the dodgeballs. To start the game put your mouse over the Kiko and hold down moving him around. As time flys by the dodgeballs will be moving faster. This game though fairly easy to understand can run on for hours. So if you are looking for that High score you need to be playing for awhile.
Once you do die your score will be times by 100 and that will be your official score for the game.
(Note: You can not take your finger off the mouse for any reason. So make sure there are no distractions around you.)

What NOT to do

If you are going for the high score you must not touch one of the dodgeballs. You can not touch the side of the screen or take your finger off the mouse whilst playing.
Here are the different types of Dodge balls that are used in this game from smallest to largest.

What to do for this Game
 Memorize how big the Kiko is! Knowing if he can fit in between two of the balls that are close to him is vital. This game is all to do with practice so make sure you have the time to play. Do not keep checking the timer. You can lose concentration doing this.

Keep and eye on the dodge balls not the timer!!!
(Note: there are no extra lives in this game or power ups so you need to concentrate even more.)

Starting off
There is no easy way to say this but it has everything to do with luck at the start. You could play multiple times but the very start of it (as soon as you hold the Kiko) could be a great start or terrible.
What can happen sometimes is the dodge balls will all go into the middle straight away and you wont be able to dodge a single one. So be prepared to fail for a few times and wait until you get that lucky streak happening.

This is what the very beginning will look like. Make sure that you do keep an eye out for that smaller one.

Neopets Darigan Dodgeball Cheats

Make your Kiko go to the middle of the screen. This gives you the biggest vantage point of going in either direction.
Make sure you watch the smallest dodge ball more than the bigger one.
Open up your path so do not stay in the corners or the sides for very long

Good luck and you maybe able to win one of these trophies if you can concentrate to get one.

          Silver!          Bronze!



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