Neopets Dungeon Dash

Save AAA and his sister Abigail in Neopets Dungeon Dash. In Neopets Dungeon Dash you need to help these two in five hard levels while trying to evade Roothless’ minion Scram; who is trying to trap you.


This is Scram, do not let him touch you or it is game over!

Playing Neopets Dungeon Dash

Get your keyboard ready because that is what you will be using in Dungeon Dash.

Firstly you need to pick which character you would like to be. Your choices are either AAA or his sister Abigail. Being brother and sister they do try to beat each other so both have unique abilities for you to choose from. Abigail is easier to play with while AAA gives you more points.
(Note: the only way for your to score maximum points is by playing with AAA. So if you are look for that gold trophy play as AAA.)

Once you start playing you will be moving forward so be prepared to jump using the space bar. To advance to the next level you need to earn a set amount. AAA’s set amount is 1000 points while Abigail’s is 800 points.

While you are playing you will be collecting items through the levels which will appear in your item bar down the bottom of your screen.  The items you will be collecting are; a shovel, a spring, a helmet, a bubble and a shield.

Each item can either be clicked with your mouse to use or to make it easier use your keyboard. The letters that each item corresponds to are; Shovel X, Bubble C, Spring V, Helmet and a Shield N.
Shovel     Bubble     Spring     Helmet     Shield

To see how far ahead you are check out the map which is located up the top of the screen. You are the black shaded character and Scram ( who is trying to trap you,) is the red character.

Each level corresponds to another game that you can play in the Games Room. So each level that you face will have its own obstacles and enemies that you will have to look out for.

Using the Items

Each item that is listed above will have different abilities attach to them when you click on it.  The shovel will be used in the first level which may seem very familiar to you. It is the same aim as Neopets Snowmuncher. With your shovel you will be (press to use) shovelling the snow blocks out of the way before Scram traps you.  Just keep pressing the shovel button to go through each block.

In the second level which is Neopets Turmac Roll game, you will obtain the Bubble (press C to use.) You will need to use it to roll over the mud piles that are on the ground, if you do not use them than you will become very slow and it will give Scram a chance to get you. You will have to also use the springs (press V to use) when you are playing as AAA as he can not normally jump over  the trees and it is even quicker to spring over the hills than to let AAA run up them.

In the third level, which is Neopets Destruct-O-Match 2, yo uwill be using the springs to jump over blocks containing 2 or more (when it is just one block made AAA normally jump as this is quicker.) There will also be falling blocks so this is when you use your Helmet (press B to use) so that you do not get hit and slowed down.
(Note: If you get hit by a falling brick sometimes it will be easier to start all over again as Scram may get you very quickly.)

The forth level is the Neopets Ice Cream Machine level.  You need to use your spring to jump over the high tile stack and your bubble to cross the ice cream vats. This can be one tough level for as soon as you obtain the shield you will be the target to an ice cream assault. These flying ice creams will be getting you until you finish this level. Make sure you use your helmet to protect yourself from falling ice cream and use the new shield that you picked up for your lower body.

The fifth and final level is Neopets Stowaway Sting level. On this level you will be faced with two types of enemies which are needing two types of items you have. Any time you see a Skeith you need to use your shield. When you see a Kougra you have to wear your helmet. For this level you will need to use the spring again for jumping over those high crates.  Your bubble is vital to stop you from being injured when you cross the fishing equipment and wooden splinters. Sometimes you may need to use your shovel to break crates as well.


As mentioned above, Abigail will earn less points, (only up to 800 per level.) However, she is quicker and can jump much higher than that of AAA.  To earn the trophy for this game you must be using AAA. He is much slower and can barely jump but he will get you 1000 points per level which is what you need.

So you want a trophy?

To get one of the trophies you will need the maximum score(5000 points.) So stop playing with Abigail and start practising with AAA. It is better to score the 5000 points at the start of the month so you have a higher chance of getting the gold trophy quicker than waiting for more people to play to push you up on the list.



Neopets Dungeon Dash Cheats

In the third level you can also use your shovel to dig through the blocks which can be useful especially if your helmet appears after the 3 block stacks. So make sure you watch ahead to see where that helmet is. You do not want to miss it while spring jumping over as you can not go backwards.

Try using your left hand for the letter that you need to use. Pinky on the X, Ring on the C, middle on the V and index on the B and N.

Sometimes it is a good idea to use the bubble when you are in mid air just in case there is a obstacle on the ground when you land.

This game is quite hard to beat as one little stuff up in any of the levels may cause you to have game over. It will take a lot of practice as well. Good Luck!

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