Neopets 200m Peanut Dash

Neopets 200m Peanut Dash is a game where you control a small Puppyblew, chasing after a thrown peanut and jumping over obstacles. If you’re lucky enough to get a high score, 200m Peanut Dash might reward you with this shiny trophy.

Playing Guide


When starting a game, you’re shown an Elephante and a Puppyblew. You need to press the left and right arrow keys, alternating, as rapidly as you can. Doing so will make the Elephante’s face become progressively more red; the redder you can get it, the better. When it’s very red, you can press the up arrow key to shoot a peanut.

After you shoot the peanut, you will begin to control the Puppyblew. You’ll start running; the right arrow key will make you go faster, the left arrow key will slow you down, and the up arrow key will let you jump. Control your speed to match the speed of the peanut, and you’ll need to jump over the various obstacles that the game presents to you. Obstacles are anything that aren’t just grass.

The game lets you get a peanut three times before the game ends. Your score is determined by how many obstacles you jump over, some bonus combos that you’ll see something about here soon, and the distance the peanut travels before you catch it. Note that if you don’t manage to catch the peanut when it falls, you don’t get any points for all the distance that you ran, so catching it is very important.


To get a high score, you need to all three of the peanuts are thrown – and you also need to make use of combos. Combos are trick jumps that you perform while jumping over obstacles that are in your way. At the end of each level, you get five points for every obstacle that you jumped over; if you use combos, that number can switch to ten or even fifteen points per obstacle. Here are the combos that you can perform:

left, up, right: To do this combo, you need to do exactly what it says in the name: press the left arrow key, then the up arrow key, and then the right arrow key. They need to be pressed quickly, otherwise the game won’t register it as a combo. Performing this combo will award you with five points.

right, up, left: The exact opposite of the above combo, this one requires you to start with the right arrow key, then the up arrow key, and finish with the left arrow key. This combo also awards you five points.

left, right, left, right, up: Press left, then right, then left, then right, and finally up to make this combo. Doing so will reward you with ten points.

right, left, right, left, up: This is the final combo to be listed; press right, left, right, left, up to activate it. You will receive ten points upon completion.

Final Tips

-If you trip over any obstacles throughout a game, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a score high enough for a trophy. So practice a lot, to the point where you don’t trip.

-Likewise, don’t do any normal jumps over the obstacles – always do combo jumps. You need the points from the combos.

Neopets 200m Peanut Dash Cheats

This may look like an obstacle, but you can just walk over it – it won’t trip you up.

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