Neopets Magax: Destroyer II

Magax: Destroyer II is an action game where you fly around, shooting ghosts to increase your score through ten levels. If you earn a high score, Magax: Destroyer II can reward you with an avatar and a trophy.



Playing Guide


-Use the left and right arrow keys to fly left and right, the up and down arrow keys to move up and down, and the space bar to shoot a laser.


-You do have infinite shooting power, but it has to recharge after you shoot a few times. You can just fly back and forth in the same place for a while if you need to wait for it to recharge.


-Your character will die if he flies into five enemies, and you only have one life. Your health meter will become full after each level that you pass.


-Levels can be very long, but once you reach the end of one, you go back to the beginning of the same level. You can move on to the next level by shooting all of the Scorchios in a level (shooting other enemies is not required, but you do need to defeat most of them for the avatar, and ALL of them for a trophy).




-Scorchios are the most common enemy in this game, but very easy to defeat: just shoot them once, and they’ll die. If they don’t, it’s because they breathed fire right as the laser hit it; just shoot it again, and hopefully you’ll get it this time.



-Cybunnies are also very common. You need to shoot them four times before they die, but they give more points than Scorchios.



-Sometimes, a Cybunny will transform into Hubrid Nox (your character’s nemesis). Hubrid is invincible to your lasers; you’ll have to wait for him to turn back to a Cybunny to kill him. He shoots small flames at you every time he appears; this flame won’t kill you, but you won’t be able to shoot for a few seconds. If you run into Hubrid Nox, you automatically die.



-A skull surrounded by a green flame appears sometimes; it’s not an enemy, no matter what it looks like. If you fly into it, you will regain some of your health, and if you’ve just been hit by one of Hubrid Nox’s flames, the skull will cure that.



-The last enemy is a small Jubjub, so small you might not even notice it sometimes. These things appear randomly and award only one point each. However, shooting Jubjubs is the secret to getting a trophy – because there are only so many Scorchios and Cybunnies to kill in the game, your score can only go to 4280 without shooting Jubjubs. The more Jubjubs you kill, the higher your score is, and the more likely you are to get a trophy. Remember, they appear randomly, so you might go through the whole game without seeing any Jubjubs.



The Best Way to Play


Don’t be a hero and rush through the level. Be patient and careful. Keep a safe distance between you and any enemies. Make sure to shoot every enemy that you see, and don’t shoot the last Scorchio without making sure that you’ve killed all of the Cybunnies (see a score guide below).


Always keep an eye out for Jubjubs (especially in the later levels, they appear more often then), and when you’re trying to defeat a Cybunny, shoot it once and then keep it off screen while your power bar recharges..


Score Table


You can use this table when you think you’re almost done with a level, to make sure you killed all of the Cybunnies. Remember to keep an eye on your score as you kill Jubjubs; if you get ten of them, then you might get misconceptions when you quickly glance at your score.

Level Scores
Level Scorchios Cybunnies Score
One 8 5 180
Two 10 6 400
Three 12 7 660
Four 14 8 960
Five 16 9 1,300
Six 20 11 1,720
Seven 24 13 2,220
Eight 28 15 2,800
Nine 32 17 3,460
Ten 40 21 4,280

-You need 3500 points to get the avatar for this game.


-Note that in Level Eight, Scorchios need to be shot two times to be defeated; in Level Nine, they need to be shot three times; and in Level Ten, they need to be shot five times to disappear.


Neopets Magax: Destroyer II Cheats


-Type in ‘xagam’ to refill your health meter. You can only use this cheat once per game.

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