Neopets Shenkuu Warrior II

In Neopets Shenkuu Warrior II, you are the Shenkuu’s  emperor’s daughter, Prince Terrana. Neopets Shenkuu Warrior II gives the Princess a chance to prove how far she has gone from the training sequel Shenkuu Warrior.  You must train by scaling the highest mountain into the clouds and gather as many points as you can using only a grappling hook and a rope. Can you get to the top?

How to Play Neopets Shenkuu Warrior II

There are four levels all up in training  mode.
(Note: Training mode must be played in order for you to get the gold trophy.)
All you need to do is aim at the platform with your mouse and click it to release the grappling hook. Once the hook connects to the platform you will shoot up. As you go up of course you must go down but instead of letting her drop you must then aim again with your mouse to the next platform and click aiming towards it again.

Here you can see that the hook has attached to the platform and the Princess is flying up. Just aim with your mouse to the Platform.

As you fly further up your will see the Shenkuu’s royal family crest as medallions. These are your additional points. You can collect these by either letting the princess fly into them or moving your mouse directly over the top of them. They will spin a little and then disappear. Each colour represents different points. 50 for bronze, 100 for silver and 150 for gold. If you are lucky enough and find a group of them and collect every single one in that group you will end up with double the points.

These are what groups the Medallions can be in. So use a mixer of the princess and your mouse.
With the straight diagonal lines do not rush with your mouse. You should be able to get them all. But with the circles they are much harder to get.
They both will only give you 2x for getting them all.

Getting Through all the Levels Easily

The first level is helpful for it is a training level. Practicing aiming your mouse and collecting as many points as possible in this level. The more you do this level the more practice you will get as you will need it for the future levels. This is a tree-house level. The platforms will stay in one position and are close together.

The second level is a rocky mountain cliff. It has the exact same concept as that of the first level. You are trying to get from one icy platform to the other but be very careful once you get further up on this level the platform can break. If this does occur you will have another opportunity to grab onto the remaining parts of that platform ( if you can reach the next one attempt for that.)

The next level is the top of the mountain into the sky. Here you will see a magical Petpet that can help you fly further up. Latch onto them by touching them ( if you are lucky you can fall onto one if you drop) and move your mouse around for those Medallions that will be floating around. If you are lucky in this level you will see a balloon. Grab those! They will provide you with additional platforms if you can not see one by pressing the space bar. The great thing about this level is that you can keep climbing until you fail. So the further you climb up the more points you will obtain. So collect as many balloons as you can and try and get both the red gem power ups as well as the magical Petpets.

(Note: If you do manage to fall down in any level you are able to try that level again. You will just lose all the points you obtained from that level. So for example if you score 28289 in the first level and then fall in the second level getting only 45645, then you are able to try that level again starting with 28289 points again.)

Power-ups to Collect ( a must!!)

In each level you will come across these.  They will help you shoot upwards for a short burst. Make sure you are watching when you start descending.
DragonThese are magical Petpets. They will automatically collect all the coins as you go up. Enjoy the long ride up but watch out for it slowing down for you to grab the next platform.
Balloon You need to collect these by either going through them with the Princess or hovering your mouse over the top. Press the Space Bar to form a platform when there are none around.


Some times you can not avoid these obstacles but read on to use them as an advantage. 

In the second level where the Princess is climbing up the mountain side you will come across the icy ledges that break. Make sure you are prepared to launch your Grapple and Hook again to cling to the shattered pieces. Same with the purple cloud in the last level. Once it disappears you will see little pieces and you can grab that with your Grapple and hook again. Sometimes you will float in mid air for a second or two. This gives you more time to plan your next move.

Neopets Shenkuu Warrior II Cheats

Make sure you know where the princess is when you are moving your mouse around to gain those extra points. You need to aim properly for her to keep climbing up the level.
Try to get every power-up that you can find in each of the levels. They will help you and save you a lot of time for additional points at the end.
In the first level practice getting the Medallions in the line as you can take more time with them for the level is slower than the next few ones.
When you launch yourself to the next platform look to where the top of the page cuts off for a higher platform. If there is a choice between one that is high up and one that is low try the higher one for an additional boost.

Best of luck in this game. Just keep practicing and you should get a trophy in no time at all!

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