Neopets Petpetsitter

Neopets Petpetsitter is a reaction-based game where your goal is to help solve the problems of a Petpet. Many feel that Petpetsitter is a somewhat pointless game, but doing it daily can help you earn easy Neopoints. You will benefit from having fast fingers and a quick reaction speed in order to play Petpetsitter easily.


Game Guide

Petpetsitter really isn’t a complicated game at all, and is quite easy to understand. Before you start playing, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the different parts of the house. These parts are:

Kitchen: Left side of the house

Outside: Upper left of the house

Garage: Middle upper part of the house

Bedroom: Upper right side of the house

Bathroom: Right side of the house

Each one of these areas is represented with a door or doorway that leads into the room. After you make sure you know where each of the rooms are, it’s time to learn about gameplay mechanics! You will start the game with a Petpet in the common room, walking around. Eventually, this Petpet will have a “need“, something that you need to let it do. Don’t take too long to fulfill its needs, though! You have a limited time to bring it to the proper room.

The following is a list of the needs that your Petpet might have, and how to remedy them. Pay attention to the pictures and sounds that your Petpet makes!

game_petpetsitter1 Hungry for Satisfaction of Hunger This means that your Petpet is hungry! Bring them to the kitchen in order to satisfy their hunger.
game_petpetsitter2 Hungry for Something to Do Your Petpet is bored! Why don’t you let them outside?
game_petpetsitter3 Hungry for Repairs It’s broken, whatever it is… take it to the garage to repair it!
game_petpetsitter4 Hungry for Sleep This Petpet is sleepy! Let it take a nap in the bedroom.
game_petpetsitter5 Hungry for Urination Your Petpet needs to pee! Take it to the bathroom!


Along with having needs, your Petpet can also make 5 different types of messes. You should have trained this thing better! If your Petpet makes one of the following messes, clean it up with the mop.

  • Broken flower pot
  • Urine on the floor
  • Milk bottles knocked over
  • Robotic Petpet leaves oil on the floor
  • Bucket knocked over

It is important to clean up these messes, because if your Petpet runs over one of the messes, you will lose 5 points. However, if you clean them up, you gain 10 points!

You can prevent oil from leaking onto your floor by bringing your Robotic Petpet to the garage in time, and prevent urine from leaking onto the floor by bringing your Petpet to the bathroom.

Scoring Guide

  • -5: Petpet hits a pot, milk bottle, or bucket.
  • +10: Cleaning up after a mess is made from one of the 3 containers.
  • +10: Solving a Petpet’s problem.
  • +10: Clean up after a Petpet’s problem (urine or oil).
  • -1 Life: Go past the time limit on solving a problem.

Petpetsitter Cheats and Tips

  • Type in “oscillabot” at any point while playing to get an extra life, once per game.
  • Pay attention to the sounds that your Petpets are making!
  • Don’t take your time, it’s precious!
  • Try to memorize each of the “needs” positions.


Gold, silver, and bronze trophies are awarded for certain minimum scores.

428_3 Bronze
428_2 Silver
428_1 Gold


There is an avatar available if you get at least 2500 points. It is called “Petpetsitter“.


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