Neopets Tubular Kiko Racing

Neopets Tubular Kiko Racing is an extremely funny game to play where you will be a Kiko with the name of Kavi and you will be able to shoot rings. You will be on the river and you will have to race to the end in order to get the first place. It is a race, so may the best win!

Game Control

The controls for this game are somewhat, hard. You will be able to move your inner tube to the right, left and you will also be able to move it backward or forward simultaneously without having to worry about anything. You will be also able to set your controls differently if it is done to the direction you’re looking for by going to the control menu. If you would like to move back and to the left, you will be able to use your arrow keys. If you would like to move back and to the left, press the down arrow key along with the up arrow key to move back and to the right. If you would like to move forward then to the right, you will have to use the left key and then the right key in order to move forward and to the left. A small click on the game menu will be of a great help. It is very useful if you manage to shoot on your enemies when you travel down the river, while pressing the space bar for every shot, because you will then be able to reduce the amount of arrows you will actually need to dodge. Yes, your enemies will be shooting at you and will prevent you from doing it with ease by throwing arrows on you. Don’t forget yourself when you’re pressing the space bar though, because the ammo is limited.


During your race, you will find items which every one has few effects that can be acquired when you get them. Below is a list of objects you will find along with their effects to help you get a better idea of the global game.

There is four objects that will have the same effect. Those are a small yellow circle, a small brown circle, a bottle of pink sand and a green fruit that looks like a pear. Whenever you find these bonus floating in the river, grab them whenever it is possible. Every time you pick one of these, they will grant you a total bonus of 1 – 10 points, added to your total count. That means they will increase by one point every time an additional bonus is collected, and that they will not go over granting you 10 points.

The big yellow ring is a bullet for you to use. They will come in a pack of three and they will allow you to shoot your enemies that will be throwing arrows at you. If you find these, do not risk your life to get them as they are useless. Focus on the race and on other bonuses

Sometimes, you will find umbrellas on the water and these are great because they let you be shielded from two arrows. That means if you’re fairly good at dodging arrows and you get one of these, you will almost be invincible because you will not be worrying about doing a mistake. Whenever you see an umbrella, it will be a great opportunity to go and grab it.

The waterfall is not always useful because sometimes it will throw you somewhere you don’t want, but know that it will boost your speed and help you escape the arrows that are thrown on you by your enemies easily.

The last bonus is a checkpoint that will grant you a total of 30 bonus points added to your total count. These points will stay with you. When you encounter them, make sure that you do not hit them from their side because they will then start shrinking. Instead, go straight to the middle of them and you will be perfect.


Of course, the game itself contain obstacles because the enemies shooting arrows on you were judged as “not enough of a challenge” for the game. The first obstacle is every time you will encounter a blue mossy unknown strange thing. It can take six different forms. Those will not, fortunately, make you lose a precious life but they will instead slow you down so that you become vulnerable to arrows thrown by your enemies. Be careful and dodge them carefully without dropping onto a whirlpool that will be explained later.

The whirlpools are very deadly and if you touch them, you will lose a precious life directly. Even if you hit it by the side of your inner tube, you will also lose a life, which is why it should be avoided at any cost. If you see the first obstacle mentioned above, and this on the side, you should rather get the other even if it will harm you because it won’t take a life from you.

The last obstacle are the arrows, which are shot by your Kiko enemies. If one of these touches you, your inner tube will get popped and you will lose a life. Try to avoid going near the enemies because it will then be easier for them to pop your inner tube. Whenever they shoot an arrow at you, you will be hit. For that reason, stay as far from them as possible.

Neopets Tubular Kiko Racing Cheats

Neopets Tubular Kiko Racing has a total of three levels that will, obviously, increase in difficulty the more you progress. You will not be able to pause the game during the current round, so make sure you are ready before each one. If you would like to escape an obstacle, you can always hold down the left and right arrow keys at the same time to make Kavi, the Kiko go into the overload and zoom out of the obstacle. You will also be able to paddle backwards by holding the up and down arrow keys at the same time. You should never pay attention to your score, instead, go straight to the checkpoints and after bonus items. Remember that the bullets are useless and you do not need them. Take the Umbrella whenever you see it to decrease your chance of losing the game, because your enemies arrows have a great chance to hit you. Do not waste ammo on your enemies if you’re not sure about whether it will hit them or not. If you’re a hundred percent sure that it will hit them, then go ahead and shoot because you will then be awarded with ten bonus points.

Finally, the game is not that easy so you will have to try it a few times before you start getting into it. It is a very fun game if you’re going after Neopoints because it grants a lot of those.

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