Neopets Referral Program Guide

If you are enjoying your time in Neopia so much that you just have to invite some of your “real life” friends, you’ll be happy to know that doing so can get you some great rewards! Through the Neopets Referral Programme, you can invite your friends to play Neopets via email and get more and more prizes based on how many you can get to join!


This process is very simple and all of the necessary information can be found on the Neopets Referral Programme homepage. There are two ways to get credit for referring friends, so we’ll go over each.

▻ Referring via email

The first way to refer friends is via email. As you can see, the form for sending an invitation is very simple:

Because the page is so old, one of the images is broken. Don’t worry!

Simply fill out your first name and your friend’s first name — do not add your last names, even if you are familiar! — and their email address. Then, they will receive an email that will instruct them on how to sign up for the site. When you send this, your Referral Stats (see the bottom-left corner of the image) will increase. This will also happen if your friend accepts your invitation and signs up for the site. You can keep track of how many referrals you have sent, and how many have been accepted by checking up on your Stats.

▻ Referring via URL

You can also refer people via a URL that will help them sign up for the site while also giving you credit for the invitation. You can post this URL on your blog, website, in emails, or wherever you like! You can reach this by scrolling down to the bottom of the Referral page:

Your Referral Stats will increase based on people that sign up for the site via your URL, but you won’t receive an increase in Referrals “Sent.”


The more friends you successfully recruit to the site, the more prizes you will be eligible for! To accept any prize you are eligible for, simply click “Redeem Prizes” when the button shows up (meaning you have something to redeem). Below is a table of the rewards you can reap if you’re a successful recruiter:

Accepted Referrals Prize
500 NP
1000 NP
2000 NP
One Dubloon Coin
a bottled faerie
5000 NP
Five Dubloon Coin
all of the Neopets on the referring account gain 1 level (i.e. your main account)
Ten Dubloon Coin
one full set of bottled faeries
seven tan codestones
one basic Petpet Paint Brush
one basic Paint Brush
one rare Paint Brush
150,000 NP
Two Hundred Dubloon Coin
Secret Laboratory Map set
1,000,000 NP
one super rare Paint Brush
one Draik Morphing Potion


There are few official rules when it comes to referring but the most important thing to keep in mind is to follow basic common sense. For example, do not list your or your friend’s last names in the forms. For some more examples of what to avoid, read below:

  • Do not use the referrals to create your side accounts.
  • Do not use the referrals to create or have your friends create any accounts that have no intention of being used. This is the equivalent of spamming the site with accounts.
  • Make sure you’re allowed to post your referral URL on any page or off-site forum that you are a part of. It’s never okay to spam!
  • Do not send multiple referral emails unless your friend specifically asks that you re-send. It is important that you do not harass people with these emails, and remember that you do not get prizes based on sending referrals — only when they are accepted.
  • Do not lie to people about what a referral recruit entails. Using your invitation does not grant friends any special perks when they sign up, so don’t mislead them!


  • You can only refer from your main account.
  • There are no more prizes after 500 successful referrals.

Author: Sarah

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