Neopets Kookia

Neopets Kookia is a nice game where you will be located in Neopia with your best friends, your mouse and your keyboard. That’s right. If you’re a Kookith lover, then this game is perfect for you! Your main objective in this game is to catch all of the kookith. The more you catch, the better.


Many Kookiths will be flying to different directions during the game play. All you have to do to get them, is to put your mouse cursor on them. As for the ghost Kookiths, you will have to click on them, which is a bit challenging but relatively easy. Whenever you get a total of 3 ghost Kookiths during a single level, you will be able to earn a bonus round that will be available at the end of that level. Again, you will have to hover over the Kookiths in order to grab them, even in the bonus round. That round will allow you to earn more points, which will higher up your score. Whenever you successfully grab a Kookith, you will notice that the meter, located on the top spot of your screen, will get some progress on it, meaning it will fill up by a little. Your objective is to get that meter successfully filled to the end, so you will be able to press the space bar, making the Kookiths agility much more slower, making you able to get more and more easy points. Use it at your advantage and don’t forget about it. In order to get to the next level, a total of eighth percent of the total Kookiths (seen in the level) will have to be catched. It will be a little hard to maintain it that way if you’re playing on the hardest difficulty, so you will need some training there. Look below for a guide that will possibly earn you a shiny new trophy.

Neopets Kookia Strategy & Cheats

During the game, some people find it easier to change the quality of the game. You can do that for your own purpose. It is recommended that you adjust the quality depending on your computer performance. If it is a new and fast PC, then your best choice will be to pick the High Quality resolution. If, however, your computer is slow. It is best to get the Low Quality resolution. It is also recommended that you try all of the available qualities to find what suits you the best. Sometimes, just the fact that you have many windows / applications open at the same time will cause your computer to run slowly, which will then have to load Neopets Kookia on its lowest resolution. Play on all of the qualities a several times and note your score on a piece of paper or on a notepad. For example, play five times on the lowest quality, five times on the normal quality and five time on the low quality. Write all your results then look where you got the most points. Always take into consideration the quality of the game. You will also need a good mouse for this game. Of course, not a super expensive mouse. Just one that is smooth and that will slide perfectly. You will also need a speedy cursor. In order to do that, simply change your settings from your control panel to make it faster. If you don’t know how, simply look it up on Google or ask a member.

If you’re going after a trophy or after a super high score, it is recommended that you play on hard mode. On that level, the first Kookith captured will grant you with a total of 100 points, added to your total count. After that, if you successfully grab, immediately the next one, it will grant you a total of 200 points. The one after, if grabbed fast, will give you 300 points and so on until you reach the 800 points. After that, every Kookith will give you 800 points considering you’re wasting no time to put your mouse cursor on them. When you reach that level, always do your best to not fail at continuing your row because if you start over, you will be wasting many points. For that reason, try to never break the combo. Let’s say that you’ve reaching the 800 points streak and you appear to find a ghost Kookith. That one will give you the double of the points, which means a total of 1600. It does always give you double points, but being at 800 initially will be of a great advantage, because 1600 is relatively high. If you’re not playing on the hardest difficulty, you will be granted with less points, though, but it does not mean you will not be making a combo! Always make a Kookiths streak. The more points you get, the better. You can keep clicking with the left mouse button as it will not penalize you and it will be better for your to grab the ghost Kookith. If it doesn’t move your mouse cursor and you enjoy clicking, go for it. Another thing that you can note is during the bonus round. During that level, make sure, if you’re slow at catching Kookiths, that have your bar filled so that you can slow these petpets and grab them more easily. That bar will go back to 0 when you start a new level, so use it and don’t be greedy! Below you will find a guide for each level.

First level: During that level in Brightvale, when the Kookiths start appearing, don’t grab them directly. Wait for the second row so that you can successfully make a combo and start earning more points. You will also need to fill up your bonus meter, because it will be of a great help when you will be given the bonus round. On that round, there will be a total of 94 Kookiths. 76 have to be successfully grabbed in order to proceed to the next level.

Second Level: The second level is located in the Castle of Brightvale. This level can be easily failed because of the fact that it is a larger map, meaning Kookiths will be all over it and you will have to move your mouse much more, thus wasting time and points if you’re not fast enough. Basically, because there are 72 Kookith and that you will have to successfully grab 58 of them in order to proceed to the next level, it is recommended that you focus on getting them and less about the points if you don’t have that many skills. You will be able to get better on the later rounds. Click the most you can so that you don’t miss the ghost Kookiths.

Level 3: The level three is probably the nicest level because it is relax. Take it easy, that means. Of course, it will ask you to get more points, but compared to the second level, this one is smaller and is easier to get points from. Don’t pay attention to the background or at the vegetables, pay attention to the Kookiths. At one points during that level, you will get flooded with Kookiths so be prepared to take them all. Not a big distance will separate them from each other to your advantage. On that level, there will be a total of 83 Kookiths and you will have to grab a minimum of 67 in order to successfully proceed to the next level.

Level 4: The fourth level of the game is located in Meridell. This level is relatively the same as the one before and the Kookiths number is approximately the same. There will be a total of 84 and your objective will be to grab at least 68 of them. Be prepared to grab the Kookiths coming up from the tree, because a lot of them will be getting out from there.

Level 5: The fifth level will be located in the Dargian Citadel. Here, you will have to be prepared because things will start getting more difficult. Even if your bar will fill much more quickly (to slow down the Kookith at any given time when it is fully filled), the Kookiths will also start appearing faster. Get the most points you can. A total of 82 Kookiths will be found during the level. A minimum of 66 have to be grabbed in order to proceed to the next level.

Level 6: Level six is also located in the Dargian Citadel. This level is harder than the one before simply because there are more Kookiths to grab. A total of 94 Kookiths will be showing up and your objective will be to grab a minimum of 76.

Level 7: After the pain and suffering you’ve encountering during the last two levels, a small break will be greatly welcomed. This level is easy and the meter will probably not be required as you will be in “relax mode”. A total of 72 Kookith will be found and you will have to get a minimum of 58 in order to proceed to the next level. That level is located in Kiko Lake, home of the Kikos. Of course, it is relaxing, but know that the next level will be the Boss level. It is just so that you can replenish some of your previously lost energy!

Level 8 (Boss Level): Level eighth is also located in Kiko Lake. Here, you will find the Big Boss of the Kookiths, the mutant Kookith. Even if this Kookith will not spawn ghost Kookiths, he will make many Kookith. That boss is giant, and the spawned Kookith have a normal size, like you’ve seen in the previous levels. No meter will be available to get a slow boost, so you will need some skills there. Your main objective will be to hover and to grab the most Kookiths as possible. At the end of the round, when the Giant Mutant Kookith will not be able to produce anymore small Kookith, you will be asked to click on it five times. After that, you will be successfully able to capture it and win the game. Get the most points out of it, and since there is no ghost Kookiths, no bonus round will be given during that specific round.

Have fun capturing the Kookiths!

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