Neopets Freebies

Neopets Freebies are abundant on Neopets, which is full of activities in which you can spend your Neopoints: buying in shops, trading items, getting books for your pets and buying delicious treats for them. But, what about the places where you can get free Neopoints and items? Well, there are indeed quite a few of Neopets Freebies that you can visit as well!

In this page I will share with you the best freebie pages that you can visit in the game every day, giving you the direct link for them and sharing with you a little information about each, of what you can get in them and how often you’re allowed to visit them. You can come back here and use the list as your new Neopets Freebie help, so don’t forget to bookmark it before leaving if you find it helpful!

Neopets Freebies List

Anchor Management

Created after the Krawk Island event, the Anchor Management is a one-click freebie in which you fire against a gigantic kraken in order to protect the deeps of the island. The prize you get out of it is random but it can be from Forgotten Shore Map Pieces, dubloons, Draik Morphing Potions… and even Maraquan Paint Brushes! If you visit this freebie you can have a sure chance of getting a nicely valuated item to sell, or just of getting some sweet pirate items to play with your Neopets! You can visit this freebie only once a day, so make sure to don’t forget to do it.

Apple Bobbing

Have you ever wished to play that popular fair apple bobbing game on a virtual form? Well, now you can do it with your Neopet! You can visit this freebie in Neovia once a day for the chance of getting some apples, wearables, books and spooky food. At the same time, this place gives an avatar that you can use and show to your friends on the Neoboards! Beware though since Bart doesn’t seem to change the water of his tank very often and your pet might get sick with Blurred Vision after trying it’s luck.

Coltzan’s Shrine

One of the oldest freebies there are in the game! This monument was built by Princess Vyssa to honor her father. Ruled by the spirit of King Coltzan III, Neopets from all Neopia come to give him their respects, and sometimes, the spirit of the kind king appears and awards his visitor with some free items! You can visit the shrine every 12 hours for the chance of getting Neopoints, desert food, dubloons, weapons and even the mythic 1 million NP prize! Coltzan also awards stats for your pet in some occasions; so if you’re training one, don’t forget this neopet freebie.

Deserted Tomb

Once a day you can visit this creepy tomb at The Lost City of Geraptiku. Adventure yourself through room-by-room of mazes and try to find the treasure that this place hides: Neopoints, food, furniture and even an avatar for you to use! You might fall into one of the traps though, but this will only take a few HP points from your active pet. Is it worth the chance? Then is your time to enter.

Free Jelly

Are your Neopets hungry and you are in need of finding free food for them? Or are you a collector of food items, and one more of them wouldn’t hurt at all? Then, this Giant Jelly is the place to go! You can grab one piece a day, which feeds two portions. From strawberry, lime and even dung: you’ll get one of the many random flavors to feed your pets need.

Fruit Machine

Everyday you can take a spin on this free wheel located in the Lost Desert. If the first two fruits match you’ll win a prize. If all three fruits match, you’ll win a really big one! From desert fruits to expensive Paint Brushes, test your luck and wait for the Desert Aisha, Kau and Lupe to bring you the luck you need for the day! Warning: this freebie can be pretty nerve breaking due how slow the chosen fruits spin until stopping 😉

Grave Danger

Starting after the Spooky Food Eating Contest, you’ll need to have a petpet attached to your Neopet in order to play it. The petpet you select will enter the grave in hopes of returning with some nice reward for you. The petpet might be gone from 3 to 10 hours and you’ll be able to check the status updates on the same page. During the time the petpet spends in the grave, you will not be able to remove it from your Neopet, zap it at the Secret Petpet Lab or abandon/trade a Neopet that has the Petpet attached… but don’t worry, your petpet will always return to safety and there is no danger of losing it by sending it to this adventure!

Despites the long wait, the rewards are pretty worthy, you can get from stamps, spooky food, to even expensive weapons and Paint Brushes! You also have the option to equip some NC armor to your petpet, which will require NC to buy, but is not a must for you to use this neopets freebie.

Giant Omelette

With the same principle as the Free Jelly, this freebie lets you take one omelette a day, though this will feed your pet 3 times. You can find this place at Tyrannian Plateau but sometimes they might have ran out of omelette to give, for which you might have to wait a couple hours more before they cook the new one. You’ll be awarded a random omelette flavor, from cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and even anchovies. I hope you get a delicious one for your pets!

Healing Springs

Ran by the kind water faerie Marina, you can visit this place every 30 minutes in order to heal your Neopets for free when they are sick or hurt, or gain some extra HP points in case they are missing them. Despites her healing abilities, Marina also awards healing potions, elixirs and snowballs for you to use or sell in case of needing Neopoints. How generous, isn’t she?

Kiko Pop

Set up at the shore of the bright Kiko Lake, Elvin allows you to throw a dart at this game with spinning balloons in 3 different difficulties in hopes of hitting one and getting a prize! The objective is to hit and pop any of the balloons on the board by aiming and clicking with your mouse, the colors don’t really matter and is pretty random if your balloon pops or not, so just keep trying everyday and eventually you’ll be winning some nice freebies. The prizes are pretty random but can be different foods, clothes, weapons or books… and you also have the chance to get an avatar!

Kreludor Meteor

Known also like the Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ, this is a freebie located in Kreludor in which you have the option to poke such meteor with a stick in order to see what happens. You can do this once every hour until you get something out of it, after which you’ll need to wait 24 hours to visit it again. The prizes here come from petpets, weapons to space food: all pretty Kreludor and Virtupets related.

Lunar Puzzle

The Shenkuu Lunar Temple is a freebie where you need to analyze the position of Kreludor and Neopia on an astrological map to guess the current phase of Kreludor. You will need some knowledge if you want to give the correct answer but even if you don’t succeed, you still get a prize for trying so either way is a win win situation. If you’re in for a fast free item then just pick a random answer, though if you want the correct answer you can use a calculator like the one this place offers. All the prizes (either the consolation or the winning ones) are Shenkuu related.

Money Tree

In the center of Neopia Central, you’ll find this smiling tree that holds many items and Neopoints amounts donated by all the people around Neopia. You can come here and pick what ever you want as a max of 10 successfully taken donations. a day. I say successfully taken since, just as you, there are many others that come here to get free items, so some of them might be taken quite fast. Have your refresh button ready and click fast in order to get your desired donation, who knows, you might be able to catch some expensive stuff and even NC items if you’re lucky!

Monthly Neopets Freebies

Once a month you are allowed to visit the Freebies For You! page, in which each one of the Neopets in your account will pick one random food item. You’ll also get 2,000 NPs on this visit, so make sure to check this freebie monthly!

Movie Central

Got some hungry Neopets and you’re in need of free food? Then the snack center of Movie Central is the perfect place to visit! Here you can feed each of your pets once every 24 hours, and you can select getting some popcorn, soda or hamburgers for them. Now you are ready to watch a movie!

Obsidian Quarry

Aren’t obsidian stones beautiful and useful? If you think just like me then this freebie will be perfect for your needs. You can come here and pick a Shiny Obsidian once a day. But what are those rocks made for? Well, if you combine them with other materials you can create some lovely robot petpets at the Tangor’s Workshop to give to your Neopets!

Petpet Park

Weltrude is a lovely blue Bruce that once a day lets you take a free item out of her Toy Chest. All of the prizes she awards are petpet related, most likely toys that you can use to entertain your Neopet, or that you can sell later to get some Neopoints for yourself. Either way, is worth visiting.

Qasalan Expellibox

The only freebie that gives you the chance to earn some Neocredits (150NC to be exact)! You can throw a scarab every 8 hours and see where it lands. There is only one square that awards the NC, but you can also win Neopoints and items out of this freebie, though sometimes your pet might also get sick out of it.

Rubbish Dump

The Meridell Rubbish Dump is a big pile of rubbish located outside of Meri Acres farm and watched over by a blue farmer Kacheek. Here, many random Neopian characters give out their rubbish for people to pick and just like the Money tree, you’re allowed to get 10 items per day out of this place.

Shop of Offers

In this freebie you can collect free 50NPs a day by just visiting the link, kind of a good deal, right? When entering, you’ll be welcomed by this random event:

Something has happened!
You have received 50 Neopoints from what seems to be a very rich Slorg. That was nice of him. Anyway, thanks for visiting the Shop of Offers today! *triumphant music*

Second-hand Shoppe

The Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe is a lovely place stocked with donations that you can select and take home. The quality of items you can find here is inferior than the Money Tree but better than the Rubbish Dump, but just like this two places, you’re only allowed to pick 10 per day.


At the deeps of the Ice Caves, there lives a long worm ice creature called Snowager, who protects a pile of treasures of all kinds! While he’s awake is not a great idea trying to get close ot it, since he’s quite moody and can attack easily, so is better to wait until he’s asleep to get closer. The Snowager is asleep during the following hours. You may approach him once during each hour he slumbers:

6:00am – 7:00am NST
2:00pm – 3:00pm NST
10:00pm – 11:00pm NST

If you’re lucky enough to catch him sleeping, you might be able to get one piece of the treasure that includes neggs, keyrings, plushies, weapons and exclusive prizes! And even an avatar with his image! Be careful though, since sometimes he might wake up just went you’re trying to get something off the treasure.

Soup Kitchen

Is there any faerie with a better heart than the Soup Faerie? Well, I surely don’t think so! This kind faerie makes tons of soup for all the poor Neopets in Neopia and as long as you have less than 3,000NPs in total inside your account, you are allowed to come here as many times a day as you want to feed all your pets. You might even get an avatar while feeding!


The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity or TDMBGPOP for short (still not very short but anyway…) is an abandoned plushie that hangs on the trees of Faerieland. You can go and talk with him once a day, and sometimes as a reward you’ll find Neopoints and items to take with you! You also have the chance of getting an avatar while visiting this freebie.


Ran by the Tiki Tack man, the tombola is a dailie freebie where you can pull out a ticket in hopes of getting the winner one. Any ticket ending with a 0, 2 or 5 is a winner! You can get Neopoints, consolation prizes, codestones and island food as a reward, among other goodies. Come here and test your luck!

Underwater Fishing

Once every 12 hours and are allowed to come to the Ye Olde Fishing Vortex, relax for a while with your Neopet, and test your luck with fishing. You might get boots, boxes and different fishes out of this freebie! Some days your pet will increase it’s fishing skill, and as it becomes higher, the prizes you’ll be able to fish will improve.

Remember that you can only visit freebies from your main account! Have fun!

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