Neopets Scourge of the Lab Jellies

Neopets Scourge of the Lab Jellies is a puzzle game where you have a large grid that fills with multiplying jellies. You need to match them in rows to destroy them before they overwhelm the grid. If you earn a high score in Scourge of the Lab Jellies, you might earn a trophy.


Gameplay Guide




There is no end to this game, so the only objective you have is to get points and keep the game going as long as possible. You start the game with a few jellies on the screen. You click on a jelly and then on an empty space to move that jelly to that spot. If you put five or more jellies of the same colour in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), they will explode, and you will be awarded points: 50 points for the five, plus another 20 points for each extra jelly that was in the same combo.

Now, you might be thinking, “This is easy!” But every time you move a jelly, three new jellies appear somewhere on the grid. That’s why it’s impossible to finish the game: it’s literally impossible to clear all of the jellies.

Also, jellies can’t always go where you want them to go. For instance, take a look at the image above. There’s a vertical line of jellies spanning from the top of the grid down to the bottom. A jelly left of that line can’t go to the right side of the line, and vice versa. The more jellies you have on your screen, the harder it is to clear the jellies, so the screen will just get more full, and more full… until it’s full and you lose.

The further you are in the game, the more types of jellies there are. When you begin a game, there are only four types of jellies; later on, there will be at least ten.


Special Pieces


There are three things that, like jellies, will appear on the board randomly after you make a move. They don’t show up as often as the regular jellies, but you’ll still see them nearly every game.


The Rainbow Jelly looks like this, except it changes colour rapidly. This jelly can be used to a complete a combo with any regular type of jelly. Just line up four regular jellies (yellow, red, blue, it doesn’t matter), and then put this next to them too, and they’ll all explode. This jelly will always give forty points when it explodes, unlike regular jellies.


The bomb, like a normal bomb, explodes. The number at the bottom right corner of the bomb tells you how many turns there will be before it explodes. When it explodes, every jelly within three squares of it (only the ones in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines with it, though) will explode. Bombs can give you quite a few points – up to 370 points.


Stones are permanent objects that appear on the grid. Once it shows up, it’s not going away unless it’s caught in a bomb blast. It’s the only thing in the game that can’t help you in any way; it just served to impede your progress.




So in order to get a high score, you need to explode your jellies often enough that the grid doesn’t fill up so quickly. Well, what you should do is explode as many jellies as possible in the fewest turns, so the game can last longer, and you can continue to score points.

At the beginning of the game, you should focus on making rows of five, and try as much as possible to keep the jellies filling up too much of the petri dish. Basically, you should take jelly from large groups of mismatched ones to form rows, rather than the jellies that are standing alone by themselves. You should also try to make rows from jellies that have already begun to form lines by the way they’ve appeared on the petri dish, so that it will take fewer moves to make an exploding line.

When the jellies are present on about a third of the grid, you should continue to make rows and try to keep the jellies from creating “road blocks.” Road blocks are rows of non-matching jellies that prevent the jellies from going where you need them to go. You can try to avoid this by exploding jellies near the center of the petri dish, to have the maximum amount of unobstructed movement.


Neopets Scourge of the Lab Jellies Cheats


-Type ‘boomshaketheroom’ while playing to make extra bombs appear after your move.

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