Neopets Saving your Neopoints

Getting NeoPoints is extremely hard – trying to save it is even harder. NeoPets ranges from so many different items and pretty, shiny things for you to buy, it’s almost completely impossible to resist the temptation of just buying oneFaerie Doll from the hidden tower. Here is a small overview on how you can keep your neopoints to buy that Faerie Paint Brush you’ve always wanted.


How to make your neopoints last forever
  • Decide if it’s worth it, and what you’re going to work towards.
  • Depost all your money in the bank when you’re not buying anything. You can collect much off the interest over the months and it prevents you from spending lots. It also keeps it safe from lurking ghosts and the awful Tax Beast.
  • Create a budget for yourself. Decide what you need to spend money on (like food for your pets, etc.) and what can last out. I’m sure you can go another month without that expensive Battle Duck.
  • Usually keeping a goal for yourself can help you stay focused on your main goal. For example, have “X NeoPoints left til I reach a million!” on some place to help remind you.


Where the bank can be found under shops

If you go to Shops, under their main navigation, there will be a bank looking icon. If you click on it, it will take you straight to your bank. If you don’t have an account, you can set one up for absolutely no costs!


How much you need to obtain the rates


Bank Interest Rates
Junior Saver (min 0) 5%
Neopian Student (min 1,000) 5.5%
Bronze Saver (min 2,500) 6%
Silver Saver (min 5,000) 6.5%
Super Gold Plus (min 10,000) 7%
Platinum Extra (min 25,000) 7.5%
Double Platinum (min 50,000) 8%
Triple Platinum (min 75,000) 8.5%
Diamond Deposit (min 100,000) 9%
Diamond Deposit Plus (min 500,000) 9.5%
Millionaire Mega Platinum (min 1,000,000) 10%
Neopian Mega Riches (min 2,000,000) 10.5%
Ultimate Riches! (min 5,000,000) 11%


Buy Neopoints