Neopets Igloo Garage Sale Guide

As you know, it’s super chilly up on Terror Mountain. Mika and Carassa the Chias are two of Terror Mountain’s residents that are sick of the cold and want to move to a more tropical climate. To do so, they need to sell some of the junk in their attic! At the Igloo Garage Sale, you can see what they have for sale!


The items that Mika and Carassa sell are as rare as r89 and always found at a discount. This can be a great place to score some useful items for cheap, like codestones.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 7.47.39 PM

To get to the Garage Sale, go to Terror Mountain and click “Igloo Garage Sale” on the right side of the screen. Then, you’ll find yourself at this page above. To enter the actual Garage Sale, click “here,” the link in the image above in the last sentence.

Once you enter, you’ll either see nothing or you’ll see some items for sale. The Garage generally stocks between :37 and :47 every single minute. When it does, you’ll see something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 7.52.16 PMNOTE: The first item is glitched for everyone. It cannot be purchased and links to an error.

As you can see, the items here are a little cheap in nature but it’s nice to get a good deal on books, stamps, etc. sometimes! The Igloo is known especially for having great deals on some NeoHome items, including floor tiles.


The Igloo is a good place for new restockers that are learning how to choose which items to purchase upon a shop stocking with new items; the Igloo isn’t too competitive so it’s a prime spot for beginners. Since the Igloo does not stock r90+, it’s safe to say that most of the items that stock aren’t worth that much. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good for a quick resell! Profit is profit, right? Note that you can only buy up to 10 items per day and there is no haggling, so choose strategically if you’re trying to pick the items that will resell for the most Neopoints. Luckily, since there’s a purchasing limit, you cannot get restock banned at the Igloo!

Some of the more popular items (that might be worth memorizing) include:


A Mysterious Valentines Card

Snorkle Snout

Snorkle Snout

We also recommend looking out for stamps, which are always in demand!

As well, there are items worth avoiding. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t purchase anything that is cheaper on Shop Wizard. Specifically, look out for Spooky and Gross foods which have been made very cheap due to dailies and Nerking, among other things.

Igloo Garage Sale Cheats

The Igloo functions like a typical shop with the exception of four differences.

  • There is no haggling. Once you click the item you like, a pop-up asking if you are sure will appear. Click OK and you’ll have the item. Holding down enter while clicking the item will help you bypass the few seconds it might take to click OK with a mouse, which may help with snagging tough-to-grab items.
  • The shop restocks on a timer different from the other Neopian shops. It restocks about 8 times in an hour and usually restocks at :37 to :47 seconds of the minute so that is the best time to refresh.
  • The Igloo only allows for 10 items per day to be purchased from their sale.
  • Lastly, the chias also limit how often you can buy an item. To limit one person from buying up their entire restock, they have a limit of around two minutes between purchases. The time limit is not exact so keep checking back.

Since the chias sell their inventory at such a discount, nearly everything you can purchase from a restock at the Igloo is profitable, even if it’s not a massive profit. Avoidable items are those such as spooky foods, gross foods, tiki merchandise and keyquest items. In general, junk items will be sitting long after a restock, so stalking the shop will help you familiarize yourself with which items to avoid. There are fairly profitable items to look out for as well. Keep an eye out for codestones, Mysterious Valentines Cards, toy pinatas and Snorkle Snouts. If you miss those items, focus on books, stamps and non-red or blue collectible card (as the red or blue ones usually do not yield profit.)


  • Remember that you’re not allowed to restock on your side account(s) once you’ve been banned/purchased to your limit on  your main. This means that after you buy 10 items from the Igloo on your main account, you cannot log into your side account and buy more. The limit is 10 items per day, period.
  • Don’t get this guide confused with the Igloo Garage Sale game!

Author: Sarah

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