Neopets Snow Roller

In Neopets Snow Roller you are a giant Snowball rolling down Terror Mountain. Neopets Snow Roller allows you to control the snowball, avoiding obstacles and obtaining items ( more like rolling into them) to achieve trophy worthy scores.

How to Play
So you are interested in maybe obtaining the avatar for this game by scoring 6500+ points? Well to do this,you need to be using your keyboard to play. You will be rolling down Terror Mountain and increasing in size the more you roll down. You are trying to collect the items that will be popping onto your screen as well as dodging all the obstacles that will be coming your way.
Use your arrow keys to move left and right down the path to pick up all the items and press the space bar to jump over all the obstacles. Moving can be slow especially when you are super big so remember that when you are trying to get from one side of the screen to the other. Items are being collected and getting “stuck” in the snowball. 

(Note: if you press and hold the down arrow your speed will be decreased. Do not hit the Black Slushies or the white/ yellow ice or you will speed up again.)

If you hit too many obstacles that are in your way then you will die. Ever time you get hit you will shrink down in size. Once you make it to the end you can pick which path you will take.

This is what the screen will look like for you to pick a path to go down.

There are 3 levels in which you will be facing to try and get that avatar score or better yet the Gold Trophy score.


It is easy to score points in this game, what is hard it to score high. You need to collect all the items and Pets that you can while you are rolling down Terror Mountain. Bonus points are awarded if you make it to the end of the level as well. So do try and finish all three levels so you can get item percentage times the item points. Each item is worth a different amount and the two slushies contain special abilities.


 You will get 40 points for rolling into a Cybunny that is hoping across the screen.

40 points for the two different types of Chias that are skating.

40 points for the Poogles.

20 points for the Abominable Snowballs.

20 points for rolling into these plushies.

10 points for the Brucicles.

10 points for the Neggs.

10 points for the Chia Pops.

10 points for the Mystery Island Heads.

30 points for the Slushies.

(Note: If you hit a white slushie all the items around will be attracted to you and fly towards you for a short period of time. The black Slushies will make your pace quicken which can be highly annoying in the harder levels.)


The Obstacles

You will also come across come obstacles in this game. You need to make sure that you do not hit them or else you will start shrinking. Hitting too many will cause you to end your game.  You will need to jump or dodge over each of these. Remember that the Space Bar is jump.

Neopets Snow Roller Cheats

Focus on the left hand side of the screen down the bottom. This will be easier to see if there is an item or obstacles coming your way.
Make sure you have a high item percentage especially at the end to get more points.
To pause your game press the ‘End Game’ button and just click ‘No’ to come back to it.

(Note: some people have been known to be awarded items when they send in scores in this game.)

Good luck and remember you can win an avatar with a score of 6500+ points or a shiny new trophy to go in your cabinet!

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