Neopets Art Contest

For all those artists and fans out there, who try desperately to win the Art Competition but never seem to succeed, there is hope for you yet. My sister, being a fabulous artist, gave me some tips on how to win over The NeoPets Team and win yourself a trophy. The image at the bottom of the page was drawn by my wonderful sister, Light_Fearie02. She does not take requests because she is far too busy.


Find out what you’re good at. Art can expand way beyond just drawing. Many people have built snow mans shaped like NeoPets, or even dressed up their NeoPets plushies to resemble a famous spectator around NeoPets (example: dressing up their Blumaroo as “King Roo”).


Another important thing is to find out up coming events so they can be placed in the gallery when the day comes. You’re not going to draw a picture for Kau Day when it’s 9 months away, are you? The best way to find out what events are coming up is going to the NeoPets Calendar. Finding what is coming up. Try and submit it at least 1-2 weeks before the event day.


When creating your art, there are many things to analyze. The list below will give you a walk through on everything you need to consider before even starting your piece.

  • You don’t have to be a great artist to win. Having a lot of originality can help you win this trophy.
  • If you are drawing it, decide how you’re going to do it. What program you’re going to use (PhotoShop or OpenCavas work great), if you’re going to scan it (usually people will scan their pictures then trace over them in a graphics program, like photoshop), etc.
  • Creating that perfect image. Having a good pose, colourful background, and easy-on-the-eyes colours, can really help you to win.
  • Always submit your best work. If other people don’t like it, who cares. Do what you feel is your best and work to your greatest ability.
  • Add effects. Add some rain, sun rays, etc.
  • Make it look irresistible. Create big, cute, could-never-reject eyes to your pets.
  • Match the colours correctly. Don’t have lime green with pukey brown as a Faerie Krawk’s colours.
  • Never give up. Even some of the best artists, like Eeve, who owns, will get rejected sometimes.
  • Make sure you have read the Art Competition Rules.


Let’s say you want a draw a Sad Chomby. But is that enough? No! Adding big, oh-so cute eyes filled with tears can help. Add some rain effects into your picture. Make it appear as if he is all-alone in the world. Really touch people.

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