Neopets Ultimate Bullseye II

Ultimate Bullseye II follows on from the popular Ultimate Bullseye. The story is based on the infamous Turtum and his ballista, which is used to shoot at targets on the game. In Ultimate Bullseye II, you have just ten shots to get the highest score possible.

Ultimate Bullseye II Controls

In this game, you use three keys – the up key, the down key, and the space bar. The up key is used to direct the arrow up and the down key directs the arrow down. Your aim is to focus the arrow on the target and to hit it. The space bar is used to shoot at the target; holding it down will boost the power of the ballista.

The amount of power you have can be measured using the bullseye picture in the lower left side of the game, labelled ‘Power’. It is shown in yellow; the more yellow that is showing, the more power you have for shooting.

Points are assigned depending on where you shoot on the board:

  • If you miss the board or you only hit the wood around the board, you get 0 points.
  • If you hit the outside red ring, you get one point.
  • If you hit the next white ring in from this, you get two points.
  • If you hit the middle red ring, you get three points.
  • Hitting the white ring around the bullseye gets you 5 points.
  • Finally, the bullseye will get you 10 points.

The ballista can be adjusted by moving the up arrow and down arrow keys appropriately to aim at the bullseye. Once you believe you’re targeted at the right position, hold down the space bar key. The more you hold it down, the further you build up the power of the ballista. You will need to judge this appropriately depending on how near or far the target is. Once you think you’ve held down the space bar for the appropriate length of time, let go of the space bar to release the arrow!

ultimate bullseye ii


Ultimate Bullseye II Game Play

In every game of Ultimate Bullseye II, you have ten shots. Within this time, you have to achieve as high a score as possible.

The best way to do this, in terms of aiming the ballista, is to aim slightly higher above the bullseye on the board. By aiming higher, you will be more likely to hit the target.

Once you’ve determined the angle of the shot, it’s time for the harder part: figuring out how much power you need in order to hit the target! Deciding how much power you’re going to use depends on the distance you are from the target. The further you are from the board, the more power you will need in order to hit it (i.e. the longer you’ll need to hold down the space bar). However, don’t hold it down for too long! You can easily miss your target from estimating this wrongly. It will take a lot of practice in order to estimate this correctly. For the most part, unless your ballista is very far from the target, you won’t need to hold down the space bar for more than half of the power meter.

If you hit the bullseye at any point, you will be awarded not only the 10 points, but also a power-up. If your final shot of the game hits the bullseye, you will be awarded an additional three shots (for the first time only).

ultimate bullseye ii


There are a number of power ups you can use to improve your game play and to improve your overall score.

  • The first type of power up is the bouncing bull. This power up will make the target decrease and increase in size over and over again. This can work very well, as it means you have a chance of hitting the bullseye when it’s increased in size. If you hit the rings whilst this happens, you will get a power up.

  • The second type of power up is the fire hoop. This creates a hoop of fire between the ballista and the target board. If you manage to shoot your arrow through this hoop, and successfully hit the board, you’ll get double the points for whatever section you’ve landed your arrow on. For example, the bullseye would be 10 x 2.

  • The third type is the moving target. With this challenge, the board will move right and left, meaning it is difficult to hit the board. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll get a power up from this.

  • The fourth type is the three shots power up. On this one, when you shoot from the ballista, you’ll have three arrows leave the ballista at once, rather than just one. Although the first and third arrow will hit different places, the one in the middle will hit the target just the way it would if it was the only arrow being shot. This bonus can help to hit other obstacles during the game, such as balloons or hoops.

  • The inverted target will reverse the number of points that each section of the board is worth. For example, the wood around the target is now equivalent to 10 points, instead of 0 points. The bullseye is also worth 0 points now, instead of 10 points. The inside rings are also all inverted as well. This power up is useful because it means that you can aim at a much larger target (the wood), and be more likely to achieve a high amounts of points.

Ultimate Bullseye II Bonus Points

punchbag bob
In Ultimate Bullseye II, as you progress through the game, you’ll quickly find that there are more things that can be hit than just the board! There are three random events that can happen: the red balloon (or the Meridell Balloon), the yellow balloon (or the King Hagan balloon) and the Punchbag Bob. These can happen at different times, or can even on rare occasion happen all at once.


If you hit the red balloon, but not the target, you will get just 5 points. If you hit the red balloon as well as the target, you will win 30 points, added onto whatever amount of points you have won on the board (e.g. if you hit the red ball and the bullseye, you’ll get 30 + 10 = 40). This means that if you hit the balloon as well as the target, you could get anywhere from 30 – 40 points depending on where the arrow lands.


If you hit the yellow balloon with King Hagan on it, you will get 10 points if you hit the balloon but not the target. However, if you manage to hit the balloon plus the target, you will be awarded 35 points – and again, you’ll also win the amount of points for whatever section of the target you land on. This means you can win anywhere between 35 – 45 points if you hit both the balloon and somewhere on the board.


If you’re lucky enough to get both balloons at the same time, and manage to hit them both whilst your arrow lands on the target (rare, but possible!) you could get anywhere from 65 to 75 points just from this alone.

If you hit Punchbag Bob when he appears and replaces the target, you will get only 5 points. The best place to hit is the apple on his head. If you hit this, you’ll win 20 points. So it’s best to try and aim at the apple first if you can, but remember that even hitting Punchbag Bob will get points too. Whilst Punchbag Bob is in play, you can’t use any of your power ups – they will return to your inventory if you try to use them whilst he is on the screen.

Even more lucky, but very rare, is getting both balloons as well as the apple on Punchbag Bob’s head – 85 points for all of this together!

Ultimate Bullseye II Neopets Ultimate Bullseye II Cheats


This section will look at some of the cheat codes you can use on Ultimate Bullseye II, as well as some cheat tips that will help you get through the game.

  • While you are in play during the game, type in ‘catapult’. If you type this, you will be awarded a powerup that is generated randomly. You can only type this code in once per game, so use it wisely!
  • Remember that you don’t have to use the powerup that you receive – if you’re not a fan of a particular powerup or if you don’t think it will benefit your overall score, then you don’t have to use it. This is important!
  • This particularly applies for the Moving Target and the Bouncing Bull power ups, due to them moving side to side which makes them difficult to hit. However, if you think you have a chance at hitting any of the rings, then definitely go for using the power up and chancing the shot – because if you do manage to hit the target in anyway, you can get a second, perhaps better, power up. Keep this in mind when you’re deciding whether to sacrificing your Bouncing Bull or Moving Target power up.
  • The Fire Hoop power up is a particularly useful power up for achieving the avatar. The combination of using fire hoops as well as shooting at bonus balloons is your best opportunity at casually getting the avatar.
  • The use of the Three Shots power up is fantastic to use when there’s a balloon or even two balloons in play, as you’ll have a better chance of hitting the balloon along with the target in the same shot. However, it’s difficult to estimate when the balloon will appear and is down to luck whether this happens at once!
  • When you use the Moving Target power up, you will notice that the power meter grows faster than normal. Therefore, be careful on how much power you’re using when this power up is in play. You may also notice the power meter growing quickly when using a lot of power ups, or when the balloons are on screen.
  • If you use the Inverted Target power up at the same time as the Three Shots power up on your final shot of the game, you’ll have a much better chance at achieving the three extra shots available on the final shot, and therefore at extending your game play!
  • Another tip for the end of the game is to focus on at least getting the inverted bullseye power up for the end. In order to do this, you can keep resetting your game and using the catapult cheat code at the beginning until you have an inverted bullseye power up stored away from the very beginning of the game. This means you’ll definitely have a strong chance at getting those important three extra shots at the end of the game.
  • If you get the Three Shots power up, it is best to fire at a higher angle than normal in order to get the best chance of hitting the board.
  • Depending on your style of game play, you may find it easier to keep the ballista exactly in the same position, and to only move it if there are balloons involved in the game to shoot at.
  • Try to always hit balloons as well as the target, because this will get you the largest amount of points you can score.
  • Keep practicing in order to master this game – it won’t take long to become well adjusted at figuring out how to hit the bullseye and the target board, as well as how to use the amount of powerups involved. It will take several times as well as likely several days in order to get adjusted to the controls and the method.
  • The best way to guarantee a good score from the beginning is not to move the catapult at all and to aim at shooting approximately half power. This should have the strongest chance of hitting the targets on the screen. Once you’ve got the hang of this, decrease or increase your power accordingly based on where on the screen the target is.
  • When there are balloons on screen, use the up arrow carefully, tapping it about 2 to 5 times based on how high or low the balloon is. Keep your power at around half of the meter. If you’re not sure, commonly the best way of hitting both the balloon and the target at the same time is to tape the up arrow key twice to hit the red balloons, or four times to hit the yellow balloons, whilst generally keeping the power meter mid way.
  • If you use one of the power ups that change the size, or one of the power ups that move on the screen, and you hit the target ANYWHERE (except the wood), you’ll get an extra power up. Keep this in mind as it will get you through the game, no matter what power up you’re using!


Ultimate Bullseye II Avatars and Trophies

In order to get the avatar, you need to score at least 100 points. With the tips and cheats above, you’ll be sure to get this score quite easily, given some patience and practice!

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