Neopets Ice Cream Machine

Neopets Ice Cream Machine is a fast-paced game where you play as a cute chia named Adee. Yes, “Cute Chia” is generally an oxymoron, but I like to think that 507-vj98rjiAdee is the one exception. Basically, the premise of Neopets Ice Cream Machine is that you are Adee, and having some crazy dreams about killer ice cream! And by “killer” I don’t mean delicious. If Adee gets hit by these ice cream scoops she eventually dies. Who knew Neopets could be so morbid? Anyway, the goal is to move Adee around the screen and avoid hitting the melty gobs of dairy goodness. There are, however, scoops that you can hit. These ones won’t kill Adee. In fact, they’ll give her a power up! Neopets Ice Cream Machine is a very popular game that offers three different trophies and an avatar!trophies

The Basics

contestant383So my lofty introduction didn’t scare you away? Great! Guess you’re taking this seriously enough to learn the basics. First things first: in each level you will face a different flavour of ice cream. As each level progresses, they begin to increase in speed, and quantity. It’s your job to dodge them any way you can. When you successfully dodge a scoop, it will exit through the top of the screen and be added to your final score. You start out with 3 lives. Hitting an ice cream scoop will take one away. But don’t fret! You can earn lives back, along with many other power-ups. This will be explained more in depth later on in the guide. Lastly, to control Adee, all you have to do is move your mouse around the screen.

Cheat: Type in strawberryvanillachocolate really fast at any loading screen in your game for an extra life!

The Inside Scoop on Scoops

Below are helpful guides that will tell you everything you need to know about the different scoops that you encounter in the game! Learn these before playing, so you can be prepared.



Every power-up in Ice Cream Machine can be a good power-up. It all depends on the type of situation you are in. For example, a speed increase might seem bad to some people, but if you have quick reflexes, it helps the levels go by quicker. To reap the rewards of these scoops, you must allow them to crash into you. This might throw you off, but just make sure you’re ONLY crashing into the power-up scoops.

screenshot_thumbnail_507_2_v1In addition, some of the power-ups stack, and some cancel each other out. A good example is the speed increasers and speed decreasers. The more increasers/decreasers you pick up, the faster/slower the ice cream scoops will go. Of course, they do eventually wear off, so don’t expect the power-ups to last forever. Typically, they will last a few seconds.

The ones that do not stack with other power-ups, and can be cancelled out, are the size ups and size downs. While picking up multiple of these will cause you to continue to shrink smaller, and smaller, or larger, and larger, if you pick up any other power ups during this time, you will go back to your original size. The only exception to this is the shield. Your shield remains for 5 seconds. When it starts to deteriorate it will turn red, so make sure that you are in a safe zone as soon as you notice the color change.

Strawberry BombStrawberry Bomb Clears the screen of all scoops for a short time
ShieldForce field A shield surrounds Adee for 5 seconds
LifeExtra Life Gives you 1 extra life
Speed UpIncrease Increases the speed of the scoops
Slow DownDecrease Decreases the speed of the scoops
MaximizeSize Up Increases Adee’s size
MinimizeSize Down Decreases Adee’s size
CherryCherry Scoop +100 points
FishFish Scoop +250 points
TPOSGTPOSG Scoop +1000 points


To receive these bonuses, dodge them like you would any other scoop. If two or more of these exit the screen at once, you will receive 15 points each instead of 10.

Chocolate Topping Chocolate Sauce +10 points
Caramel ToppingCaramel Sauce +10 points
Strawberry ToppingStrawberry Sauce +10 points


With each level, the speed of the scoops will increase.

1 Strawberry


25 125
2 Vanilla


50 250
3 Chocolate


75 375
4 Mint


100 500
5 Blueberry


125 625
6 Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Van Choc Chip

150 750
7 Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate


175 875
8 Peach


200 1000
9 Vanilla Chocolate Swirl

Van Choc Swirl

225 1125
10 Double Chocolate

Double Chocolate

250 1250
11 Tigersquash


275 1375
12 Rainbowberry


300 1500
13 Garlicky Bratwurst

Garlicy Bratwurst

325 1625


UntitledIf you want to score a lot of points, you will need to perfect your positioning. That is the most important skill to learn while playing this game. The best place to have Adee is in the dead center of the page, anywhere in the red circle that I’ve put around Adee. This position gives you the maximum space to move freely and dodge. In the middle you are far away from the ice creams, but not too close to the top of the screen, and also won’t get boxed in by the right and left edges.  If you do happen to get yourself cornered, there is a solution that occasionally works, but not always. Use this technique only if you will lose a life otherwise. First, move your cursor off of the game screen. Then, bring it back on the screen, into a safe spot away from ice creams. It’s possible that Adee will jump from her prior location to that one. As was said before, this doesn’t work all the time. But sometime’s it’s a better bet than facing some incoming scoops.



To get the avatar for this game, you must send a score of more than 14,500. You can achieve this by finishing all of the levels, and collecting at least one point over the minimum points you can earn. This is easy, because it’s practically impossible to not collect bonuses throughout the levels.


Neopets Ice Cream Machine Cheats

1165To send you off, here are some useful tips that will help improve your game play:

  • Using speed decreaser power-ups can cause back ups with ice cream scoops that are impossible to dodge
  • There is generally no benefit to increasing Adee’s size. Try to avoid this power-up if you can
  • Using the strawberry bomb increases the amount of time you must spend playing the game, as you do not receive any points from the cleared scoops
  • Speed increases can help decrease your time spent playing, as long as you are comfortable enough to dodge. does not endorse playing around in ice cream factories, or dumping scoops of the product on your face.


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